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The F412 engine, although a new design, is derived from earlier engines, primarily the F404 designed for the F/A-18. GE's new engine, the F414, is based on the F412, the 13,000 lbs. thrust engine developed for the cancelled A-12. Technological advances in the F414 include the fan, with 16 percent greater airflow than the F404 fan and bird-strike tolerance characteristics proven on the F404/RM12 and F412. The first stage blades of the fan are removable, and the tandem-bladed disk (blisk) design of the second and third stages reduces both weight and cost, improves performance, and facilitates maintenance. The core, adapted from the GE23A demonstrator engine, includes a blisk design in the first three stages and a high pressure turbine design from the F412 program. The afterburner is highly durable, with superior cooling and maintainability features, attributable to technology introduced on the F110 and YF120 engines.

The F414 fan provides a 16 percent increase in airflow over the F404 fan, with bird-strike tolerant characteristics adapted from the F404/RM12 and F412 fans. The first stage has removable blades; a tandem bladed disk (blisk) design is used in the second and third stages for reduced weight and cost, improved performance, and ease of maintenance.

The F414 Core is based on the F412 design, which originated in the GE23A demonstrator engine. The high pressure compressor's first three stages feature a blisk design. The high pressure turbine is based on the F412 turbine design.

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