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BRU-32/A Bomb Ejector Rack
BRU-33A/A Bomb Ejector Rack

The BRU-32/A bomb ejector rack is a parent rack which provides for the carriage of single stores, BRU-33A/A bomb ejector racks, and missile launchers. The BRU-32/A is fitted with both 14- and 30-inch suspension hooks. The BRU-32/A features a safety interlock and automatic sway bracing. Sensing switches are incorporated to provide bomb rack status information (loaded or unloaded) to the cockpit. The primary ejection unit uses two cartridges to generate gas pressure for rack operation. The auxiliary release unit uses one cartridge, which opens the hooks should the primary ejection mode fail allowing the store to free fall from the aircraft. The BRU-32 Bomb Rack / Bomb Release Unit is used on the F-18 aircraft, on which bombs and other stores are suspended externally from the aircraft by the bomb racks, which carry, arm and release stores.

The BRU-33A/A is an accessory rack which attaches to the parent BRU-32/A bomb ejector rack and is used to carry two stores weighing up to 1,000 pounds each. Each ejection unit utilizes a 14-inch suspension hook and provides a special safety interlock and automatic sway bracing. The special safety interlock mechanically prevents the ejection units from opening. The BRU-33A/A CVER incorporates ejector units which are canted 5 degrees outboard to accommodate large diameter stores.

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