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BRU-15 Bomb Release Unit

The BRU-15 Bomb Release Unit is used by the US Navy. The BRU-15/A parent bomb rack is a modification of the BRU-14/A bomb rack. The BRU-15/A bomb rack is used on the wing stations of the P-3B and P-3C aircraft in conjunction with the aircraft wing store launcher assembly modified to launch a HARPOON missile and other authorized stores. This bomb release unit provides suspension and release of conventional and nuclear weapon/stores of up to 2,000 pounds with 14-inch suspension [Aero 1A adapter assemblies may be attached to increase the bomb rack to 30-inch suspension capability]. It connects to the aircraft special weapons release and control system to provide cable-actuated manual release, auxiliary unlock, and mechanical arming of a weapon/store. Linear Electromechanical Actuator consists of a spring-loaded plunger that is mechanically locked and electrically released, providing the force to initiate hook release. Mechanical arming of a weapon/store is accomplished through two electrically actuated arming solenoids, which are mounted in the frame assembly. The BRU-15 is capable of suspension and release of a weapon/store in either an armed or safe condition. A safety mechanism is provided to positively lock the release mechanism when a safety pin is installed.

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