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Battle Control Center-Experimental BCC-X

The Battle Control Center-Experimental, being tested and evaluated in August 2004 at the Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment 2004, was a bridge between the Air Force's current forward-deployed command and control system and a new innovation called the Battle Control System-Mobile. It is the forward-deployed ground-based battle management capability that provides a link between the Combined Air and Space Operations Center and aircraft in theater. The BCC-X showcased future technologies and capabilities to air battle managers, weapons directors, surveillance and maintenance people, and other warfighters who will potentially use the facility in battle. By participating in the experiment's simulated war, these experts will be able to provide useable feedback to refine the overall system requirements, said Jason Hamblen, an Odyssey Systems Consulting Group engineer supporting Battle Control System-Mobile.

This equipment modernization allows operators to access radar and radio communications from a larger area. It gives them the ability to control radars and radios remotely, to include host-nation radars. The benefit of this is it reduces our forward-deployed footprint. Considering two Air Force deaths during Operation Iraqi Freedom occurred at control and reporting center locations, being able to minimize the number of troops on the front line is a valuable asset. The facility itself is also being updated. Both the unit command center, which houses the battle commander, intelligence, maintenance control and mission planning, and the tactical operations center, where the majority of airspace management occurs, can be set up and run within about two hours. Innovation is not limited to the actual structure. The capability of having all eight operators, the battle staff coordinator and mission crew commander in the same room, instead of being set up in four different operating modules is an improvement in the tactical operations center. It gives the commander the capability to see what is going on and easy-access to his troops.

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