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BA-18, back automatic parachute

The USAF emergency parachute BA-18, back automatic parachute, is used by nonjumping jumpmasters and safety personnel onboard USAF aircraft. This USAF parachute has a repack cycle of 180 days and must pass a routine inspection at the home unit every 30 days. Once the parachute is activated, it must be destroyed. The BA-18 is equipped with either an FLB-Model 7000 or FLB-Model 11000 automatic release system (ARS).

The owning USAF unit's life support department sets the time delay release (from 1 to 13 seconds) and then attaches a small white tag on the back of the BA-18 to indicate what delay time has been set (3 seconds, 4 seconds, 5 seconds, and so on). To employ the BA-18, the jumper either pulls the red arming cable knob to activate the time delay feature or overrides the ARS by pulling the T-shaped blast handle. Personnel scheduled to wear the BA-18 must inspect it before each use. If they note any discrepancies during the inspection, they must not use the parachute.

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