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AN/USQ-113 Communications Jammer

The EA-6B program includes an ongoing USQ-113/Connectivity Upgrade (ACAT-III) program to improve the interim (until the ICAP-III is fielded) operator interface (via a more capable lap top computer/software than those already in use) with the existing stand-alone AN/USQ-113 Communications Jammer, and to function as an interim interface for the connectivity improvements (radios/data link) being incorporated in the Block 89A baseline. Future upgrades to the EA-6B include ICAP-III (ACAT-II) which is intended to integrate the OBS and new displays with the USQ-113 and connectivity with off-board C3I systems. Although there is currently no Line of Sight Analysis in the USQ-113 Postflight Capability, there are plans to add this feature at a future date. There is no plan in place to eliminate the perceived "stovepipe" in differences in capability between USQ-146 and USQ-113 due to EA-6B physical limitations.

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