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AN/UGC-144 Communications Terminal

The Communications Terminal (CT) is a digital communications terminal with an automated message composing and storage capability to simplify message handling. It is designed for transportability and provides access to the Automatic Digital Network (AUTODIN).

The AN/UGC-144 is a user friendly keyboard, display, "stand alone" message terminal for composition, editing, refilling, transmitting, receiving, monitoring, and storing record traffic messages. It has a 40 MB internal hard drive and a removable auxiliary cassette containing at least 512 KB which provides additional capability for easy storage of messages or additional terminal software.

The menu-driven software, man-portable characteristics, accessibility, expandability and ease of maintenance allows the AN/UGC-144 to be employed at all echelons of a tactical communications system. The Single Subscriber Terminal (SST) is designed to operate with TRI-TAC switching equipment at data rates of 75 to 2400 KBS. With the appropriate data modem, it is capable of operating directly into AUTODIN Modes I, II, and VI.

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