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AN/TYQ-82 Tactical Data Communications Processor (TDCP)

Based on a highly mobile, reduced-footprint platform that is scaleable and configurable, the AN/TYQ-82 Tactical Data Communications Processor (TDCP) is an open-architecture, DII COE-compliant system with a full TADIL-J (Link 16) capability and the full command and control operational functionality from the AN/TYQ-23 Tactical Air Operations Modules (TAOM). Litton developed the TDCP system to meet the US Marine Corps' requirement for a standalone TADIL-J capability that will support the TAOM and other MACCS elements, comprising the following:

  • COTS (Sun Ultra 2) operator workstation
  • JTIDS Class 2H terminal
  • Multi-channel interface unit
  • DII COE-based software hosted on the operator workstation

Housed in a Gichner 1497A shelter mounted on an M1097 HMMWV, the TDCP can be directly interfaced to external radars to provide an electronic warfare and IFF/SIF surveillance capability and can display and transmit TBM data when interfaced to TMD-modified radars. To provide additional external operator positions, the system will support multiple workstations via a 100 MHz Ethernet electro-optic converter for interfacing to a local area network. The US Marine Corps successfully completed operational testing of two AN/TYQ-82 prototypes early in 1998.

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