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AN/TYQ-66 Stand Alone Message Processing System (STAMPS)

The AN/TYQ-66 Stand Alone Message Processing System (STAMPS) represents an advanced, state-of-the-art, low-cost, modular communications system for today's complex, integrated military missions. It bridges the gap between dissimilar networks and provides the mechanism for transferring time sensitive combat information between these networks. STAMPS provides additional interfaces using state-of-the-art LAN repeaters and packet radio devices. STAMPS consists of eight modules that comprise a communications system with an open hardware and software architecture. It interoperates with multiple communications and command and control systems, providing the flexibility for the user to employ this system in many mission scenarios. This turn-key system is rugged, modular, and easy to operate. STAMPS includes a combination of commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and custom Windows NT software developed by California Microwave specifically for the tactical communications mission. The system is capable of withstanding the most demanding operational environments.

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