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AN/TTC-42 Automatic Telephone Central Office

The AN/TTC-42 is a sheltered automatic telephone switch which provides automatic switch and subscriber service for the TRI-TAC family or 4-wire analog and digital telephones including DSVT (secure telephone), DNVT (non-secure telephone), and analog telephones. The switch has six modems with 18 channel capability and one modem with 72 channel capability. The maximum number of single channel telephone subscribers is 100. The switch provides access to all other switches in the tactical network as well as commercial and Autovon circuits.

The TTC-42 Automatic Telephone Central is a state of the art digital telephone communications switch. It is extremely reliable and provides maximum user service with very minimal down time. The TTC-42 is designed to interoperate with most any type of communications equipment including Joint Service and world wide NATO networks. The TTC-42's modem capabilities include seven modems, with six modems capable of 17 assignable channels, and one modem capable of using 71 assignable channels. There are six trunk encryption devices which are used one per modem if desired. The TTC-42's single channel capabilities consist of 100 termination's. The TTC-42 has 36 analog and 64 digital termination's, which translates into 36 possible analog telephones and 64 possible digital telephones. It can also provide COMSEC parent functions for up to 16 COMSEC subordinate switches and provide end to end loop encryption for any connected KY-68.

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