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AN/TSQ-216 Remote Landing Site Tower (RLST)

RLST is a Tactical Mobile Control Tower. It is housed in a modified S-250 Shelter with an extendible roof which is raised for operation and lowered for transport. The system is configured for two operator positions and a supervisor and is fully self contained. Communications equipment is provided for VHF/UHF AM, VHF-FM and HF-SSB frequency bands. The radios can be remoted by fiber optics up to 3 km from the tower. A towed trailer transports dual diesel generators, communications rack, ancillary and support equipment. The TSQ-216 mounts on a HMMWV, CUCV or other suitable vehicle. It drives-on/backs-off or backs-on/drives-off a C-130 aircraft. It is helicopter liftable by UH-60L, CH-46 or CH-53 helicopters.

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