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AN/TSQ-165 Modular Air Operations Center (MAOC)

The AN/TSQ-165 Modular Air Operations Center (MAOC) provides the tactical facilities for is the senior element in the Air Force Theater Air Control System. It is the facility that plans, directs and coordinates all aspects of the theater air war. A MAOC shelter is an ISO three-to-one expandable, transportable by tactical airlift, sealift, truck or mobilizer. When set-up it is 8 by 24 by 20 feet, with high power servers and up to twelve operator workstations all linked by a dual redundant Ethernet Local Area network. The system is equipped with state-of-the-art voice communications system providing integrated telephone, radio and intercom functions.

MAOC was a system shelterization and integration program. SNC produced fifteen systems under contract to the Air Force Logistics Command, Sacramento Air Logistics Center

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