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AN/TSC-129 Hammer Rapid Initial Communications Kit (RICK)

Hammer Rapid Initial Communication Kit (RICK) is a collection of equipment designed to provide quick reaction, short-term, command, control, and communications using secure voice, data, and facsimile capability over line of sight (LOS) or UHF satellite. Hammer RICK is the primary means of providing communications during USAFE directed operations.

The UTC operates in the UHF range (225 MHz - 399.995 MHz) and has a transmitter output of 5/18 watts in AM/FM (50/200 watts with power amplifier). It can operate in voice and data mode in wideband (25 KHz) or Narrowband (5 KHz). Secure data operation uses a Vinsons Grid Interface Unit (VGIU) and a commercial laptop computer. Secure faxes are possible using the UXC-7 Facsimile.

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