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AN/TPX-42A(V) Interrogator Set

The Interrogator Set AN/TPX-42A(V), when integrated with an air traffic control (GCA, RAPCON, or RATCC) radar provides numeric and symbolic displays of position, identity, altitude, emergency, communication failure, and hijack of aircraft in the terminal airspace on an operators PPI display. The AN/TPX-42A(V)5 Direct Altitude and Identity Readout (DAIR) is a non-automated ATC System used at Navy shore stations with light to moderate traffic. The AN/TPx-42A(V)10 is used for ATC operations at Navy Shore facilities with moderate to heavy traffic.

The Interrogator Set provides for the transmission, reception, and processing of identification friend or foe (IFF) signals. It identifies every replying transponder-equipped aircraft up to 200 nautical miles. There are processing and storage capabilities for 128 aircraft within the radar coverage. The system automatically displays a center mark position symbol superimposed over the primary radar blip, shows the past three trail positions of the aircraft utilizing the target history, and moves two numeric lines of data, containing identity and altitude, along with the target.

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