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AN/DLQ-3C(V) Countermeasures Set

The AN/DLQ-3C(V) Countermeasures Set is a modularized ECM system designed for multiple applications of the seven major Weapon Replaceable Assemblies (WRA) listed in the table. The DLQ-3 generates RF noise and deception jamming in 14 ECM modes of operation. The parameters of the modes may be adjusted to provide the desired electronic warfare simulation.

AN/DLQ-3C(V) Weapon Replaceable Assemblies Used in AN/ALQ-167(V) Variants
NomenclatureOperating Frequency
O-1820(V)/DLQ-3C(V) RF OscillatorUses internal voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) for D-, E/F-, and J-Band operation. Uses RF synthesizer for G/I-Band operation.
MD-1158(V)/DLQ-3C(V) Radio Transmitter (RT) ModulatorG/I-Band
AM-7229/DLQ-3C(V)RF Amplifier J-Band
AM-6937/DLQ-3B RF AmplifierG/I-Band
AM-7231/DLQ-3C(V) RF AmplifierE/F-Band
AM-7232/DLQ-3C(V) RF AmplifierJ-Band
AM-7410/DLQ-3C(V) RF AmplifierD-Band

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