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The AN/ARC-199 radio set is the airborne portion of a ground and airborne communications system used to transmit and receive voice and data between stations that are beyond the range of line-of-sight communications. The AN/ARC-199 HF radio is the Army's interim HF radio set to be used until the AN/ARC-220 is fielded. Use of the AN/ARC-199 is on a special mission application basis, and the set is deployed on the UH-1H/V, CH-47D, OH-58C/D, and UH-60A/L.

The AN/ARC-199 system consists of four line replaceable units which are: receiver transmitter, control display unit, amplifier-coupler and antenna coupler. The radio set is a high-frequency, single-side band radio with selectable output power levels of 4, 40 and 170 watts peak electrical power, and operates from a nominal 27.5 volts direct current power supply. The frequency of operation is from 2.0 to 29.9999 megahertz (MHz). Transmit and receive frequencies are programmable in 100 Hz increments on 21 presettable channels, for a total of 280,000 possible frequencies. The AN/ARC-199 radio may be operated as a stand-alone system or from a MIL-STD-1553 data bus. Emission modes include the upper side band, lower side band, double side band, amplitude modulation equivalent and modulated carrier wave modes. Its built-in test capability includes continuous monitoring of important operating conditions. The radio is operable at all times in a half-duplex, push-to-talk mode. Syllabic squelch is controlled from the display panel, and is adjustable from off through eight levels to maximum. Selective squelch or selective address (SELADR) is provided to eliminate the reception of unwanted radio frequency signals. When the SELADR feature is operational, the receiver is automatically squelched until the pre-programmed SELADR code is detected. The squelch is then automatically set to its minimum level, and an audio tone is generated which notifies the operator of an incoming call. The total system weight is 31.05 pounds.

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