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AN/AQS-20/A Sonar Mine Detection Set

The AN/AQS-20/A (Originally referred to as AN/AQS-X, then AN/AQS-20/X) is a towed minehunting sonar developed by Raytheon to detect and classify bottom and volume mines in deep and shallow water. The system has been used on the MH-53E helicopter, and was intended for use on the CH-60S (now MH-60S) helicopter. It has also been developed for use with the AN/WLD-1 Remote Minehunting System (RMS).

The AN/AQS-20/X was developed to provide a BG/ARG Mine Countermeasures capability. As of development in 2000, the AN/AQS-20/X system included a towed body that housed minehunting sonars and a mine identification sensor (IDS), an airborne common console to control and provide power to the towed body and to perform signal processing and display functions, and aircraft-mounted handling equipment. The system was to be capable of detecting, localizing, and classifying bottom, some close-tethered, and volume mines. It would be capable of identifying bottom contacts previously detected and classified as mine-like. Bottom mine identification has been constrained by the towed body's depth limitations.

The AN/AQS-20/X was expected to include the following minehunting sensors: Side Look Sonar, Gap Filler Sonar, Ahead Look Sonar, Volume Search Sonar, and Electro-optic Sensor.

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