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AN/APY-10 Multi-Mission Maritime and Overland Surveillance Radar

The AN/APY-10 RADAR system is a multi-mission maritime and overland surveillance RADAR. It is capable of performing long-range surface search and target tracking, periscope detection, ship imaging and classification using synthetic aperture radar and inverse synthetic aperture radar. This next generation radar system has high mean-time-between-failure of 475 hours video outputs/interfaces and a color weather mode capable of detecting in all weather conditions. The performance of the maritime target detection capability has a RADAR cross section ranging from 1 to 10,000 square meters at 29 to 200 nautical miles.

The P-8A Poseidon, developed by Boeing Defense, Space & Security in 2009, is modified from the Boeing 737 and has the capabilities to drop and monitor sonobuoys. Its main mission is ASW and carries an armament of torpedoes, depth charges, anti-ship missiles, and other weapons. The Poseidon is equipped with an APY-10 radar as well as an ALQ-218 ESM system along with a camera that takes high definition videos.

In June 2006 the U.S. Navy granted new nomenclature -- AN/APY-10 -- to Raytheon Company's maritime surveillance radar for the P-8A Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA). Typically, new nomenclature results when systems change significantly. Although the APY-10 has all the capabilities of the Navy's AN/APS-137 maritime surveillance radar, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems (SAS) believed extensive modifications to the P-8A radar justified a request for new nomenclature.

American military equipment is designated by the Department of Defense according to the Joint Electronics Type Designation System (JETDS), which indicates the applicable platform and capabilities of a particular system. While the AN/ prefix remains from the previously used Joint Army-Navy Nomenclature System, APY-10 can be explained by JETDS as follows:

A - indicates that the equipment is for installation on a piloted aircraft.

P - means the equipment is a radar.

Y - indicates Surveillance (search, detect and multiple target tracking) and Control (fire and air), whereas the S in APS-137 stands for Detecting/Range and Bearing, Search. This third letter indicates the equipment's purpose, and the change from S to Y reflects the P-8A radar's expanded mission application.

10 - sequential number for next AN/APY provided by the Navy.

The AN/APY-10 maritime, littoral and overland surveillance radar is a new design supporting the U.S. Navy's next-generation multimission patrol aircraft, the P-8A Poseidon. Raytheon is an industry team member of the U.S. Navy P-8A program, led by Boeing. Raytheon's AN/APY-10 was newly designated by the Navy because of extensive modifications over previous AN/APS-137 radars. These improvements were made by reducing size, weight and power; increasing MTBF; and adding additional target track capability, a new color weather avoidance mode, and room for technology growth.

The AN/APY-10 is fully integrated into Boeing's Mission Control and Display System for control, display and data distribution on the Poseidon. The P-8A radar is also the only system of its type to provide ultra-high resolution imaging modes for maritime and overland operations, delivering uncompromised performance in every operational environment.

The AN/APY-10 leverages more than 40 years of Raytheon expertise and innovation in maritime and overland surveillance systems. Raytheon has delivered more than 1,900 maritime radars for a variety of platforms worldwide. Raytheon's AN/APY-10 radar for the U.S. Navy's P-8A Poseidon provides superior maritime, littoral and overland surveillance capabilities for assured anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, and intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance mission support. An exportable system design, the AN/APY-10(I) is available for certain international customers, providing comparable radar performance.

The US Navy awarded Raytheon Company a multi-year contract valued at $153 million to produce 53 maritime, littoral and overland surveillance radars for its fleet of Boeing P-8A Poseidon aircraft, Raytheon said 19 June 2015.

The AN/APY-10 radar will provide “accurate and actionable information” for the Poseidon’s anti-submarine, anti-surface warfare and intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance missions, Raytheon said. Raytheon had already delivered 36 of 58 AN/APY-10 radars to the US Navy under a previous contract.

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