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AN/APX-114 IFF Set

The newest member of Raytheon's complete IFF family, the AN/APX-114 Interrogator, represents the world's most technically advanced, compact, lightweight interrogator available for airborne, high-power applications. Designed as a replacement for the existing APX-76 airborne interrogator, the APX-114 has been selected by the U.S. Air Force as part of an aircraft modernization plan and by the U.K. Royal Air Force for their F-3 Tornado aircraft fleet. This interrogator reflects significant improvements in target processing and mechanical packaging that support airborne fighter and surveillance missions well into the 21st century.

The AN/APX-114 Airborne Interrogator initiates an IFF inquiry and provides the advanced processing capability to positively identify friendly targets. The system is designed with a Versa Module Eurocard (VME) open architecture that enables maximum system flexibility and leads to practical upgrades. The architecture is driven by a Power PC processor that provides a throughput of 14,000 replies per second, target processing and platform interface. An IFF signal processing card incorporates Raytheon's Very Large Scale Integration (VSLI) reply decoder chipset, which uses leading-edge pulse detection techniques. The APX 114 platform interfaces include Mil-STD-1553B, RS-232, Ethernet and RS-422. The 2.5-kilowatt transmitter and receiver sensitivity of -83 dBm will meet or exceed the link margin required for airborne applications. The APX-114 offers significant advantages in acquisition and life cycle cost, technical superiority, reliability and growth potential.

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