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The AN/ALR-20 is an airborne tuned Radio Frequency (RF) receiver countermeasures receiving set. It provides panoramic display of six select bands of RF for evaluation by the Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO). The AN/ALR-20A Countermeasures Receiver System was originally created in the 1960s. It contains vintage technology with some solid state upgrades having been added to the system tuners in the 1980s. In a positive step, during the early 1990s, officials moved to replace the non-supportable Panoramic Indicators. This resulted in a creation of a new and supportable unit which management expected would be delivered to the field beginning in October 1998. The Air Force also recognized that other system components such as the power supply and tuners, may well soon outlive their supportable life as the vendors and/or the technologies vanish. In FY97, engineers made plans, pending funding, to remedy this problem in FY98 or FY99.

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