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The Navy's ALQ-126B is designed to intercept and process pulse signals, automatically select the optimum countermeasures technique, and then apply the technique. The system interfaces with the Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) and peculiar interface blanker. The system can operate in a stand-alone mode or as part of the Electronic Warfare (EW) suite. TheAN/ALQ-126 is a power managed jammer with coverage up to the I/J bands capable of delivering in excess of 1 kW power per band at 4-5% duty cycles. A trackbreaker designed to defeat pulse-mode SAM and AAA radars, the Sanders ALQ-126B operations include mainlobe blanking, inverse con-scan, range-gate pull-off and swept square wave modes. The AN/ALQ-126 installation typically uses fore and aft antennas with 60 degree beamwidth and 15 degree depression to cover surface threats. On many Navy aircraft the AN/ALQ-126 is supplemented by the ALQ-162 specialised continuous wave (CW) trackbreaker

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