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AN/ALQ-117 PAVE MINT active countermeasures set

The AN/ALQ-117 PAVE MINT active countermeasures set was developed as part of an effort in the early 1970s to modernize the B-52 aircraft's electronic warfare system. Tests were conducted at a ground site using a salvaged B52. The test-bed provided precise antenna pattern data and eliminated the need for expensive and extended flight testing. During 1974, the Rome Air Development Center took over 4000 high resolution antenna patterns from the AN/ALQ-117 and QRC-515 systems. Each pattern represented twelve hours of B-52 flight time saved. By the late 1970s the Air Force had identified requirements and contracted for the acquisition logistics support of the B-52 Defensive Systems (ALQ-117 Pave Mint and ALQ-172) operational on B-52s.

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