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AN/ALE-44 Dispensing Pod

The AN/ALE-44 (ALE-44) is a dispensing pod for use on tactical, support, drones, and strike aircraft capable of supersonic flight. It is a lightweight unit for use with both chaff and flare countermeasure stores, and meets Hazard of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance (HERO) requirements. A typical system consists of a control unit and two dispenser pods. Each pod houses two dispenser modules and a sequencer.

The pod features single or dual channel dispensing and quick turn-around time. A low frontal profile, small size, and central mounting pod provide for pod mounting on a wingtip, stores pylon, or fuselage. Payloads for the system, the RR-129 chaff package and Mk 46 IR flare, are both U.S. Navy inventory items. The payload capacity for each pod is 32 chaff and/or flare expendables which are ejected by impulse cartridges. The dispensers (loaded) can be installed in the pod without removal from the aircraft. A cockpit control unit permits selection of various burst rates, burst intervals, and units per burst, with simultaneous dispensing of flares and chaff.

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