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Aero 7A and Aero 7B Bomb Ejector Racks

The Aero 7A bomb ejector rack is a parent ejector rack which employs two sets of suspension hooks, one pair for 14-inch and one pair for 30-inch suspension stores. The Aero 7A bomb rack utilizes a safety pin to prevent inadvertent weapon or store release. When installed, the safety pin actuates a microswitch to electrically interrupt the firing circuit, grounds the breech caps, and mechanically prevents the ejector hooks from opening. Inspection windows over each set of hooks provide visual evidence of sear positioning for a positive hook-locked indication.

The Aero 7B bomb ejector rack is also a parent ejector rack. The Aero 7B bomb ejector rack, although similar to the Aero 7A in operation, is 2 inches shorter in height and the dual breech mechanism is side-mounted to provide additional deck clearance for loaded stores on the fuselage centerline station on the A-6E aircraft.

The Aero 7A guided missile launcher carries, retains and ejection-launches the Sparrow III Missile.

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