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AERO-65 bomb rack

The Aero 65A bomb rack is a parent rack which provides for the carriage, arming, and release of stores weighing up to 1,000 pounds and having 14" suspension lugs. When the AERO 65A bomb rack is fitted with the AERO 1A adapters, it can carry weapons or stores with 30" suspension, weighing up to 2,000 pounds. The AERO 65A bomb rack consists of a U-shaped frame, an electrical release unit, two arming solenoids, two hook assemblies, a release linkage assembly, a hooktie linkage assembly, and a cable assembly.

An appropriately configured HARPOON can be launched from an AERO-65 bomb rack, AERO-7/A bomb rack, MK 6 canister, MK 7 shock resistant canister, MK 12 thickwall canister, MK 112 ASROC launcher, MK 8 and MK 116 TARTAR launcher, or submarine torpedo tube launcher.

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