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Aero 20B Bomb Ejector Rack

The Aero 20B ejector rack is a parent rack which consists of a housing assembly that is equipped with a dual breech, an ejector mechanism, two weapon suspension hooks spaced 14 inches apart, two arming solenoids, four adjustable sway braces, and a mechanical linkage which connects the hook sears to the piston assembly.

When in flight, today's high-speed fighter and attack aircraft create a vacuum under the fuselage and wings. If a weapon/store is released from the bomb rack, this vacuum can prevent the weapon/store from entering the airstream and falling to the target. If this happens, the weapon/store may physically contact the aircraft structure, causing serious damage to or loss of the aircraft. Bomb ejector racks are different from bomb racks. Bomb ejector racks use electrically fired impulse cartridges to eject the weapon/store free of the bomb racks.

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