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HH-60J Sea Hawk / "Jayhawk"
MH-60J Sea Hawk / "Jayhawk"

Length (Overall) 65 feet
Length (w/ Main Blades Folded) 45 feet
Height (Overall) 17 feet
Height (w/ Main Blades Folded) 13 feet
Width (Overall) 54 feet
Width (Fuselage) 8 feet
Main Rotor Diameter 54 feet
Tail Rotor Diameter 11 feet
Weight (Maximum Gross) 21,884 pounds
Weight (Empty) 14,500 pounds
Speed (Maximum) 160-180 knots
Speed (Cruising) 140 knots
Service Ceiling (Hover) 5,000 feet above sea level
Range (Maximum) 700 nautical miles
Range (Radius of Action) 300 nautical miles (search 15 minutes, hover 30 mins, and recover 6 people)
Endurance (Maximum) 7 hours
Fuel Capacity 6,460 pounds
Cargo Sling Load 6,000 pounds
Rescue Hoist Capacity 600 pounds
Engine 2x General Electric T700-GE-401C rated at 1980 HP
Thrust 1,980 shaft-horsepower per engine
Crew 4

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