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Lockheed Aircraft Corporation Civil Aviation

  • Journal, American Aviation Historical Society, 1999, Summer: page 102-112, Winter: page 288-297. 2000, Spring: page 53-63
  • Basic Model Numbers
    L-129 high-altitude bomber project competing for Type Specification XC-124 against B-27, B-28
    L-136 enlarged version of CONSTELLATION, project @1944
    L-137twin engine bombardment airplane proposal
    L-145commercial transport proposal, DC-3 replacements
    L-147small commercial transport proposals
    L-149appears in some sources for the CONSTELLATION, a probable confusion with the Model 149.
    L-151unbuilt airliner project [not as reported, PTV-A-1 ramjet test vehicle (later X-7)]
    L-152medium size turboprop or turbojet commercial transport proposals
    L-155commercial jet-engined transport proposals
    L-170 series of projects leading to TP-80C/T-33A SHOOTING STAR
    L-171 PTV-A-1 ramjet test vehicle (became X-7) [project MX-883]
    L-179jet-engined commercial transport proposals
    L-182 projected ASW version of CONSTITUTION
    L-183USN Specification OS-113 (became XF3H-1), interceptor fighter proposals
    L-185commmercial transport proposals, "DC-3 replacement"
    L-185 pre-U-2 high-altitude project?
    L-186jet-engined commercial transport proposals
    L-187USN Specification OS-111 (became XA3D-1), long-range carrier-based bomber proposals
    L-188several projected modifications of the F-97 nee F-94C fighter [and civil demonstrator ?]
    L-189"A specific aircraft was not designed in this preliminary study for ONR, which was a generalized data generation program for carrier based ASW aircraft to be operational in 1956.
    L-190USAF interceptor proposals
    L-191strategic turbojet engine bomber system; a system called "team bombing." Team bombing was to be use of two aircraft-one was to be a manned guide aircraft and the other a remotely controlled bomb carrier that would fly only to the target and then be expendable.
    L-192USN Specification OS-117 (became XS2F-1), anti-submarine warfare airplane proposals
    L-195nuclear engine powered aircraft proposals
    L-197ASW helicopter proposals
    L-199 VG-STARFIRE all-weather trainer project
    L-201commercial transport airplane proposals, DC-3 replacement
    L-202day fighter proposals
    L-203liason aircraft proposals, request of AMC. Tail seater.
    L-204 several projected variants of F-94C
    L-206 pre-HERCULES development of L-168 project with removable cargo pod (or YC-130??)
    L-207commercial transport proposals, DC-3 reolacement
    L-208XC-Heavy Transport and Parasite/Missile carrier airplane proposals, request of AMC
    L-209parasite bomber airplane proposals
    L-210ground attack fighter proposals
    L-212nuclear engine powered aircraft proposals.
    L-227 series of pre-STARFIGHTER projects
    L-242 series of pre-STARFIGHTER projects (a "Model 242" was also an F-104 competing against F8U!)
    L-330projected T2V variant
    L-330VZ-10 or XV-4A HUMMINGBIRD VTOL research aircraft
    L-331XV-4B HUMMINGBIRD VTOL research aircraft
    L-402LASA-60 small civil STOL transport (2 ex.,1959); license-built by Lockheed-Azcarate SA in Mexico
    L-995 S-3A VIKING
    L-1400AX competitor of YA-9A and YA-10A (L-1400-1/-2) or a variant of the LANCER
    CL = Lockheed, California
    Temporary Design Numbers
    CL-288intermediate long-range high-speed interceptor project; F-104 with wing-mounted jets
    CL-295variants of study concept for tail-sitting twin-jet fighter with canards (mid-1950s)
    CL-303pre-ELECTRA transport project with high wings
    CL-320intermediate long-range high-speed interceptor project
    CL-330VZ-10A (XV-4A) HUMMINGBIRD (L-331 being the XV-4B)
    CL-346F-104 derivative with wing-mounted jets
    CL-351 U-2R (later TR-1) high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft
    CL-351either a STARFIGHTER-related project or as the U-2R (TR-1) DRAGON LADY
    CL-407seven concepts for supersonic (up to Mach 3) VTOL recon and attack aircraft
    CL-520AEW&C P-3 project
    CL-595 XH-51A helicopter (Model 186)
    CL-635numerous space study efforts done for NASA (1964)
    CL-655TSTO project
    CL-704VTOL STARFIGHTER derivative with single RB.168R and 14 vertical-mounted RB.181s
    CL-800either a variant of the ELECTRA or a four-jet transport based on the STARLINER
    CL-840AH-56A CHEYENNE assault helicopter for US Army (Model 187) (5 built) @1962
    CL-900either an ORION-related project or an early LANCER project
    CL-915lightweight fighter projects derived from A-12/F-12 series
    CL-945retractoplane design (helicopter with folding rotor blades) (CL-945-400)
    CL-1020 TRICEPTS electronic countermeasures modification of SP-2H NEPTUNE
    CL-1026 projected civil version of GALAXY with 30 seats
    CL-1090 projected civil version of GALAXY with 80 (95?) seats, 36 tons capacity
    CL-1400NLANCER lightweight fighter development proposed to US Navy
    CL-1600used twice, both for the X-27 and for the Tristar Twin project. Lockheed did the same a few other times.
    CL-1700highly manoeuverable tactical ground attack helicopter project (mock-up existed)
    CL-1980projected twin-jet fighter for USAF derived from A-12/F-12 series for F-14 competition (A/N) 1973
    GL = Lockheed Georgia
    Temporary Design Numbers
    GL-207 SUPER HERCULES project
    GL-210 version of NEPTUNE for Japanese Navy (found as GK.210, probably by mistake)
    GL-224 pre-HUMMINGBIRD project
    GL-293 fully VTOL version of HERCULES (GL-293-11)
    GL-298 proposed STOL version of HERCULES (GL-298-6/-7)
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