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Operation Spartan Scorpion

Operation Spartan Scorpion was launched in the pre-dawn hours of June 15-16, 2003, shortly after a two-week deadline set by the US-led coalition for the surrender of weapons expired.

Spartan Scorpion was conducted by 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, and consisted of nationwide raids designed to remove all remaining Ba'ath Party, non-compliant forces and paramilitary forces throughout Iraq.

Humanitarian assistance (including the repair of medical and educational facilities, as well as the delivery of supplies) would be provided by coalition forces shortly after the completion of raids.

According to an Amry News Service article, the Spartan Scorpion raids were executed in three phases. Phase one consisted of three days of preparation and reconnaissance gathered from patrols and civilian tips. Phase two consisted of the actual early-morning raids, and consisted of four objectives in and around Al Fallujah(a suspected Fedayeen training facility; a possible Fedayeen headquarters building; a safe house believed to house three resistance leaders; and a possible weapons cache). The third phase consisted of humanitarian aid projects; many of which were scheduled to finish the morning after the raids.

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