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Operations - European Command

U.S. European CommandOne of America's promises to NATO was to provide US combat forces-- under the operational control of the NATO commander in wartime for the defense of Europe.  USEUCOM served to provide (then as now) the focal point for controlling, coordinating, and facilitating American support to NATO. The primary mission of USEUCOM is to serve the interests of the United States by insuring U.S. Forces are prepared for combat during peacetime and in times of war.

  • Lebanon Crisis 1958 - USEUCOM transported 2,000 troops and more than 4.5 million tons of equipment to Lebanon.
  • Congo Crisis 1960 - USEUCOM transported UN troops and cargo to the Congo.
  • Cyprus Crisis 1964 - USEUCOM positioned ships near the island to conduct evacuation of non military personnel and deterrent operations if needed.
  • Congo Crisis 1964 - USEUCOM transported Belgian paratroopers in an rescue operation in the Congo.
  • Cyprus Crisis 1965 - Airlifted UN peacekeepers and equipment to Cyprus.
  • Congo Crisis 1967 - Provided airlift support for supplies, Congolese troops,  and refugees.
  • Jordan Hostage Crisis 1970
  • Operation Nickel Grass 1973 - Support of Israel in the Yom Kippur War.
  • Operation Night Reach 1973 - Transported UN peacekeepers to Middle East at end of Yom Kippur War.
  • Cyprus Crisis 1974
  • Operation Nimrod Spar 1974/1975 - Cleared the Suez Canal.
  • Airlift 1978 - Airlifted multinational forces to Zaire to counter invasion by Angola.
  • Iranian Hostage Crisis 1981 - Release of 52 hostages held for 444 days.
  • Hostage Crisis 1982 - Italy - Release of Brigadier General James L. Dozier.
  • Operation Arid Farmer 1983 - Supported in the Crisis in Chad.
  • Beirut Bombing 1983 - USEUCOM coordinated evacuation and treatment of wounded Marines and identified and returned to CONUS the remains of 241 Marines killed.  
  • Beirut Air Bridge 1984-1998 - Provided administrative and logistical support the US Embassy in Beirut.
  • Hostage Crisis 1985 - Hijacked TWA flight.
  • Operation Eldorado Canyon 1986 - USAF and USN air strikes on Libya in retaliation for terrorist bombing of La Belle Disco in West Berlin.
  • Operation Steel Box/Golden Python 1990  -  Supported withdrawal of chemical munitions from Germany and coordination of delivery/transport to Johnson Atoll.
  • Desert Shield 1990-1991
  • Hostage Situation 1990-1992 - Hostage release support for Americans kidnapped and held in the Middle East.
  • Desert Storm and Proven Force 1991 - War to remove Iraq from Kuwait.
  • Provide Comfort II 1991 - Kurdish security zone in northern Iraq.
  • Operation Restore Hope 1992-1994 - Assisted in US Somalian security efforts.
  • Operation Deny Flight 1993-1995 - Support to UN/NATO enforcement of no-fly zone over Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  • Operation Sharp Guard 1993-1996
  • Operation Able Sentry/Sabre 1993-1999 - Task force attached to UN Preventive Deployment Force in Macedonia to monitor border activity.
  • Operation Vigilant Warrior 1994 - Response to Iraqi buildup along Kuwait border.
  • Operation United Shield 1995 - Support of US withdrawal from Somalia.
  • Operation Quick Lift 1995 - Support of NATO Rapid Reaction Force and Croatia forces deployment to Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  • Operation Nomad Vigil 1995 - deployment to Albania in support of Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
  • Operation Deliberate Force 1995 - NATO air strikes on Bosnian Serb military forces.
  • Operation Desert Strike 1996 - Missile Strikes on Iraq.
  • Operation Northern Watch 1997 - Present - Enforcement of No Fly Zone over northern Iraq.
  • Operation Assured Lift 1997 - In support of Liberian cease-fire monitoring.
  • Operation High Flight 1997 - Search and Rescue effort at Windhoek, Namibia.
  • Operations Phoenix Scorpion I & II 1997-1998 - support to UN weapons inspectors in Iraq.
  • Operation Auburn Endeavor 1998 - relocation of uranium fuel from Tbilisi, Georgia.
  • Operation Determined Falcon 1998 - Show of Force over Albania near Kosovo.
  • Operation Calm Support 1998-1999 - Support to KDOM mission to Kosovo.
  • Operation Resolute Response 1998 - Support to US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania.
  • Operation Flexible Anvil/Sky Anvil 1998 - Planning for Balkan/Kosovo operations.
  • Operation Eagle Eye 1998-1999 - Monitoring compliance with United Nations Security Council resolution 1199 in Kosovo.
  • Operation Desert Fox 1998 - Air Strikes on Iraq.
  • Operation Allied Forces JTF Noble Anvil 1999 - Air war over Serbia to withdraw forces from Kosovo.
  • Operation Essential Harvest 2001 - Successful NATO program to disarm NLA in Macedonia.
  • Operation Enduring Freedom 2001-Present  - USEUCOM theater planning and execution of the Global War on Terrorism.
  • Operation Avid Recovery 2002 - Explosive Ordance Disposal support to Nigeria.

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