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Operation Bull Run

June 24, 2007

Operation Bull Run was one of two missions that took place within 48 hours invovling The 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry, 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team in Al Dura'iya starting on June 24. Two insurgents were killed and seven were detained during these operations.

Operation Bull Run awas conducted with the Iraqi National Police and the Iraqi army. The operations was part of Multi-National Division-Center's Operation Marne Torch, the latest Coalition Force initiative to eliminate insurgent sanctuaries southeast of Baghdad.

Soldiers from 1-15 Inf. neutralized suspected enemy cache sites and denied insurgents safe haven in Al Dura'iaya. The operation resulted in two insurgents being killed and four individuals being detained. Three caches were found. The caches consisted of artillery rounds, mortars, cell phones, weapons, propaganda, ammunition magazines, and other bomb-making materials.