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Operation Black Eagle

April 6-?, 2007

Soldiers of the 8th Iraqi Army Division supported by Soldiers and paratroopers from Multi-National Division-Baghdad began Operation Black Eagle at approximately 6:30 a.m. on April 6 in Ad Diwaniyah Iraq, in response to the recent violence threatening to destabilize the region. The operations intent was to disrupt illegally-armed militia activity in the city. As of April 26, more than 100 suspects have been detained, ten weapons caches have been uncovered and 11 explosively-formed projectiles were found in two separate caches.

On April 10, government and military leaders of Operation Black Eagle met to discuss ways to begin rebuilding the city and provide humanitarian aid to the people most affected by the militia violence that had slowed since the begining of the attack.

According to transcripts from the meeting on April 10, the cordon around the city will be opened to allow more freedom of movement. This will allow humanitarian aid, food and other needed supplies to reach the people affected by the recent militia violence. With the majority of combat operations drawing to a close and the next phase of Operation Black Eagle starting, the local government and their military counterparts were pleased with the results.

On April 13 Operation Black Eagle moved into a new phase with the Iraqi Police joining the Iraqi Army and Coalition forces in security efforts here Sunday. Iraqi Police began manning key checkpoints throughout the city, adding security forces already in place. The Iraqi Army was asked by the government of Iraq to rid the town of militia members and other terrorist groups who had waged a campaign of murder and intimidation against the people of Diwaniyah and the security forces charged with protecting them.

This operation is not affiliated with Operation Black Eagle II that took place in Jan 2007.