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United States Forces - Afghanistan Order of Battle

US CENTCOM - Ground Forces
United States Forces - Afghanistan (USFOR-A)
31 March 2011

Command/Task Force Brigade/Task Force Battalion/CompanyPersonnelEquipment
TOTAL ~9,199+
Regional Command (Capital)
Combined Joint Intelligence
Operations Center - Afghanistan
Kabul Base Cluster Command
Task Force Yankee
26th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
US Army Corps of Engineers, Transatlantic
Division (Forward) - Afghanistan
Afghan Engineer District - North
Combined Security Transition Command
- Afghanistan (CSTC-A)
Regional Command (East)
Combined Joint Task Force 1
Bagram, Parwan Province
Task Force 44
44th Medical Brigade
Task Force Falcon
10th Combat Aviation Brigade
Task Force ODIN - Afghanistan
Task Force Spartan
228th Signal Brigade
Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435
Task Force Hammer
C/202nd Military Intelligence Battalion
415th Military Intelligence Battalion
Task Force Protector
43rd Military Police Brigade
HHC, 43rd Military Police Brigade
Task Force Monroe
785th Military Police Battalion
Task Force Cornhusker
402nd Military Police Battalion
Task Group Trident
US Navy Military Police Battalion - Afghanistan
Rule of Law Field Force - Afghanistan1
10th Military Police Battalion (CID)
Regional Command (North)
Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh Province
Task Force Keystone
3rd Naval Construction Regiment
Regional Command (South)
Kandahar Province
Combined Joint Interagency Task
Force - Nexus2
Joint Sustainment Command - Afghanistan
4th Expeditionary Sustainment Command
US Army Corps of Engineers Transatlantic
Division (Forward) - Afghanistan
Afghan Engineer District - South
Combined Forces Special Operations Component Command
Combined Joint Special Operations
Task Force - Afghanistan
U/I Special Operations Group (Airborne)
U/I Detachments, U/I Battalions,
U/I Special Operations Group (Airborne)


    Note that units indicated here are deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan, but are under the operation control of USFOR-A only (excluding air elements). US units operating at all under the control of ISAF are included in the ISAF Order of Battle. The approximate total force number is therefore based on estimates of total US contributions in theater, less those known to be under the control of ISAF to any degree. All of these numbers potentially include overlapping rotations and other operational fluctuation.

    1 - On 9 June 2011, ISAF Defense Ministers endorsed the creation of the NATO Rule of Law Field Support Mission (NROLFSM), based in Kabul. The Commander of the ROLFF-A subsequently became the commander of the NROLFSM.

    2 - Combined Joint Interagency Task Force - Nexus (CJIATF-N) is responsible for counter-narcotics operations in Afghanistan.

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