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International Security Assistance Force - ISAF
Order of Battle

As of 9 September 2011, NATO's International Security Assistance Force (NATO-ISAF) in Afghanistan aimed to prevent Afghanistan from once again becoming a haven for terrorists, to help provide security, and to contribute to a better future for the Afghan people. NATO-ISAF, as part of the overall International Community effort and as mandated by the United Nations Security Council, was working to create the conditions whereby the Government of Afghanistan is able to exercise its authority throughout the country. To carry out its mission, ISAF conducted population-centric counterinsurgency operations in partnership with Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) and provided support to the Government and International Community in Security Sector Reform, including mentoring, training and operational support to the Afghan National Army and the Afghan National Police. NATO-ISAF key priorities in Afghanistan were: Protect the Afghan people; Build the capacity of the Afghan Security Forces so they can take lead responsibility for security in their own country; Counter the insurgency; and enable the delivery of stronger governance and development.

The security gains noted in March 2011, enabled by the surge in ISAF and Afghan forces throughout 2010, were reported to have been sustained and expanded through September 2011. Combined Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF (ANSF-ISAF) success in consolidating security gains in previously-cleared areas confirmed that the civil-military counterinsurgency (COIN) strategy had significantly degraded the insurgency’s capability, particularly in Helmand and Kandahar. ANSF-ISAF operations had widened the gap between the insurgents and the population in several key population centers, limiting insurgent freedom of movement, disrupting safe havens in Afghanistan, and degrading insurgent leadership. Continued, partnered COIN operations by ANSF and ISAF forces, complemented by partnered Special Forces targeting of insurgent leaders, reduced enemy attacks and violence in Regional Commands Southwest, West, and North. Overall, enemy attacks through September 2011 nationwide were 5 percent lower than the same period in 2010, and attacks continued to decline.

The bulk of ISAF's forces were spread among 6 regional commands, Regional Command Capital (RC-C), Regional Command East (RC-E), Regional Command North (RC-N), Regional Command South (RC-S), Regional Command South West (RC-SW), and Regional Command West (RC-W). Each command had a designated lead nation. The lead nation for RC-C was Turkey. The lead nation for RC-E, RC-S, and RC-SW was the United States. The lead nation for RC-N was Germany. The lead nation for RC-W was Italy. ISAF also had a separate command for assigned special operations forces. In addition, ISAF ran the NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan (NTM-A), which was commanded by a US General who also served as the commander for the US Combined Security Transition Command - Afghanistan (CSTC-A). ISAF's Joint Command (IJC) was commanded by a US General who also served as the commander of US Forces - Afghanistan (USFOR-A).

As of 9 September March 2011, ISAF consisted of approximately 130,670 personnel from 48 nations. This coalition included contributions from 28 NATO member nations, as well as 20 non-NATO member nations. NATO member and non-NATO member nations operated a total of 28 Provincial Reconstruction Teams throughout the country. National caveats for ISAF troops required that coalition partners and international troops operated in a manner consistent with their specific national laws and policies. Regardless of national caveats, all ISAF coalition partners within Afghanistan operated according to the ISAF Rules of Engagement. International force levels and pledged contributions had begun to decline. Many major European partners had announced during 2011 that they planned to withdraw significant portions of their contributions between then and the planned NATO withdrawal in 2014. The Canadian's had followed through with their plans to reduce their force significantly and refocus on the local training mission. The Dutch had also followed through with their planned reductions, with less than 200 personnel remaining in country.

ISAF (September 2011)

Location Element NationPersonnelEquipment
TOTAL ~130,6701
Regional Command (Capital)
HQ ISAFComposite
ISAF Joint CommandComposite
NATO Rule of Law Field Support Mission Composite
HQ RC(C)Turkey
HQ Joint Task Force 633 - AfghanistanAustralia
U/I Engineer BattalionGreece~38
U/I Detachment, NZSASNew Zealand~38
Special Operations Forces Task GroupNorway~150
NATO Training Mission - Afghanistan (NTM-A)
Combined Security Transition Command - Afghanistan (CSTC-A)
Headquarters, NTM-AComposite
Headquarters, CSTC-AUSA
3rd Battalion, 4th Infantry RegimentUSA
1st Battalion, 17th Infantry RegimentUSA
2nd Battalion, 44th Air Defense Artillery RegimentUSA
650th Regional Support GroupUSA
U/I Contingent (Operation Attention)Canada
U/I Motorized Task Force Turkey
1st Battalion, Motorized Task ForceTurkey
2nd Battalion, Motorized Task ForceTurkey
National Support BattalionTurkey
Gazi Training BattalionTurkey
Kabul Afghan International Airport (KAIA)
ACR Task ForceCzech Republic~60
Bataillon de Commandement et de Soutien (Battalion Command and Support)France~500
U/I Airfield Construction TeamSlovakia
U/I Force Protection CompanyBelgium/Luxemburg
U/I Hospital UnitGreece
Groupement Tactique Interarmes (GTIA; Combined Arms Battle Group) Surobi / Task Force La Fayette France
ISAF Air Task Force2
Coalition Heron DetachmentCompositeHeron UAV
Bataillon d'Hélicoptères Français (BATHELICO)France3 Cougar
3 EC-725
4 Gazelle Viviane
3 Tiger
U/I Reconnaissance UnitGermanyTornado Recce
Regional Command (East)
TOTAL ~ 32,000
Bagram, Parwan Province
Provincial Reconstruction TeamROK
National Support ElementNew Zealand
Headquarters, Combined Joint Task Force 1USA
HHBN, 1st Cavalry Division (Task Force Maverick)USA
Task Force Thunderbird3USA 
45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (-)USA 
HHC, 45th Infantry Brigade Combat TeamUSA
1st Battalion, 179th Infantry RegimentUSA
1st Squadron, 279th Infantry RegimentUSA
700th Brigade Support BattalionUSA
Task Force Falcon4USA 
10th Combat Aviation BrigadeUSA
HHC, 10th Combat Aviation BrigadeUSA
1st Battalion, 10th Aviation RegimentUSAAH-64D
2nd Battalion, 10th Aviation RegimentUSAUH-60
3rd Battalion, 10th Aviation RegimentUSACH-47
6th Squadron, 6th Cavalry RegimentUSAOH-58D
277th Aviation Support BattalionUSA
Task Force GamblerUSA
Task Force HippoCzech Republic~993 Mi-171S
Task Force TaegeukRepublic of Korea
Task Force LifelinerUSA
101st Sustainment BrigadeUSA
Combined Joint Task Force Paladin USA
Afghanistan Remote Operations Cryptologic Center (AROCC)USA
Law Enforcement Program - Investigative Services (LEP-IS)USA
Counter-IED Operations Integration Cell - Afghanistan (COIC-A)USA
Joint Expeditionary Team (JET)USA
Combined Explosive Exploitation Cell (CEXC)USA
Counter-IED Insurgency Targeting Program - Afghanistan (CITP-A)USA
Counter Remote-control improvised explosive device
Electronic Warfare/Electronic Warfare Officer (CREW/EWO)
National Directorate of Security (NDS) EmbedsUSA
577th Expeditionary Prime BEEF Group USA
Headquarters, 577th EPBGUSA
577th Expeditionary Prime BEEF SquadronUSA
Bamyan, Pervan, Panjshir and Kapisa
Provincial Reconstruction Team (Bamyan)New Zealand
Provincial Reconstruction Team (Panjshir)USA
Ghazni Province
Provincial Reconstruction TeamUSA
Task Force White Eagle / Polish Military Contingent (Rotation IX)Poland~1,600
Jalalabad, Nangarhar Province
Provincial Reconstruction TeamUSA
Kapisa Province
Groupement Tactique Interarmes (GTIA; Combined Arms Battle Group) Kapisa / Task Force La Fayette France  
Khowst Province
Provincial Reconstruction TeamUSA
Task Force DukeUSA 
3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry DivisionUSA 
HHC, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry DivisionUSA
3rd Brigade Special Troops BattalionUSA
2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry RegimentUSA
1st Battalion, 26th Infantry RegimentUSA
6th Squadron, 4th Cavalry RegimentUSA
1st Battalion, 6th Field Artillery RegimentUSA
201st Brigade Support BattalionUSA
Nangahar, Nuristan, Kunar and Laghman (N2KL) Provinces
Provincial Reconstruction Team (Asadabad, Kunar Province)USA
Provincial Reconstruction Team (Mihtarlam, Laghman Province)USA
Provincial Reconstruction Team (Nuristan Province)USA
Task Force BroncoUSA 
3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry DivisionUSA 
HHC, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Airborne DivisionUSA
3rd Brigade Special Troops BattalionUSA
3rd Battalion, 27th Infantry RegimentUSA
2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry RegimentUSA
3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry RegimentUSA
3rd Battalion, 7th Field Artillery RegimentUSA
325th Brigade Support BattalionUSA
Paktika Province
Provincial Reconstruction Team (Gardez)USA
Provincial Reconstruction Team (Sharana)USA
Task Force CurraheeUSA 
4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne DivisionUSA 
HHC, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne DivisionUSA
4th Brigade Special Troops BattalionUSA
1st Battalion, 506th Infantry RegimentUSA
2nd Battalion, 506th Infantry RegimentUSA
1st Squadron, 61st Cavalry RegimentUSA
4th Battalion, 320th Field Artillery RegimentUSA
801st Brigade Support BattalionUSA
Task Force SwordUSA 
18th Engineer BrigadeUSA 
HHC, 18th Engineer BrigadeUSA
54th Engineer Battalion (Task Force Dolch)USA
Wardak and Logar Provinces
Provincial Reconstruction Team (Logar)Czech Republic ~286
Provincial Reconstruction Team (Wardak)Turkey
Task Force PatriotUSA 
4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain DivisionUSA 
HHC, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain DivisionUSA
4th Brigade Special Troops BattalionUSA
2nd Battalion, 4th Infantry RegimentUSA
2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry RegimentUSA
3rd Squadron, 89th Cavalry RegimentUSA
5th Battalion, 25th Field Artillery RegimentUSA
94th Brigade Support BattalionUSA
Regional Command (North)
TOTAL ~ 11,000
Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh Province
HQ RC(N)Germany
FSB Mazar-e-SharifGermany
Provincial Reconstruction TeamFinland/Sweden
Air Task ForceNetherlands~1204 F-16
Task Force Mazar-e-Sharif Germany 
Task Force Bayonet USA 
170th Infantry Brigade (Separate) (-)USA 
HHC, 170th Infantry Brigade (Separate)USA
4th Battalion, 70th Armor RegimentUSA
2nd Battalion, 18th Infantry RegimentUSA
1st Battalion, 84th Field Artillery RegimentUSA
40th Engineer BattalionUSA
24th Brigade Support BattalionUSA
Task Force Warrior USA 
1st Air Cavalry Brigade (-)USA 
HHC, 1st Air Cavalry BrigadeUSA
1st Battalion, 227th Aviation RegimentUSAAH-64D
2nd Battalion, 227th Aviation RegimentUSACH-47D/F
615th Aviation Support BattalionUSA
156th Military Police DetachmentUSA
577th Expeditionary Prime BEEF Group USA
877th Expeditionary Prime BEEF SquadronUSA
Konduz Province
Provincial Reconstruction TeamGermany
Task Force Kunduz Germany 
Feyzabad, Badakhshan Province
Provincial Reconstruction TeamGermany
Pol-e-Khomri, Baghlan Province
Provincial Reconstruction TeamHungary
Meymaneh, Faryab Province
Provincial Reconstruction TeamNorway
Regional Command (South)
TOTAL ~ 35,000
Kandahar Province
HQ RC(S)UK (Rotates Canada, UK, US)
FSB KandaharMultinational
Force Level Logistic AssetAustralia ~70
Provincial Reconstruction TeamCanada
Joint Task Force Afghanistan (Operation Athena Rotation 11) Canada 
Mission Transition Task Force (MTTF) Canada
Headquarters, MTTF Canada~180
MTTF Headquarters and Signal Squadron Canada~140
Mission Closure Unit Canada~300
B Company, 1st Battalion, PPCLI (Force Protection)Canada~100
MTTF Engineer RegimentCanada~125
Military Police Company Canada~80
Logistics Support Group Canada~190
Health Services CompanyCanada~80
Materiel Disposal Unit Canada~7
Task Force SpartanUSA 
3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain DivisionUSA
HHC, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division USA
3rd Brigade Special Troops BattalionUSA
1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry RegimentUSA
2nd Battalion, 87th Infantry RegimentUSA
3rd Squadron, 71st Cavalry RegimentUSA
4th Battalion, 25th Field Artillery RegimentUSA
710th Brigade Support BattalionUSA
Task Force ViperUSA 
504th Battlefield Surveillance BrigadeUSA
163rd Military Intelligence BattalionUSA
303rd Military Intelligence BattalionUSA
2nd Squadron (LRS), 38th Cavalry RegimentUSA
Kandahar Airfield
U/I Element, Force Support Unit 3Australia
U/I Security ForceSlovakia
904 Expeditionary Air Wing UK
Tornado DetachmentUKTornado GR4
Hercules DetachmentUKHercules C3
Tactical Imagery-Intelligence WingUK
Joint Task Force Afghanistan (Operation Athena Rotation 11) Canada 
Mission Transition Task Force (MTTF) Canada
Tactical Airlift UnitCanada
Task Force Thunder4 USA 
159th Combat Aviation BrigadeUSA 
HHC, 159th Combat Aviation BrigadeUSA
3rd Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment (Task Force Attack)USAAH-64D
4th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment (Task Force Wings)USAUH-60L/M
4th Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment (Task Force Attack)USAAH-64D
7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment (Task Force Palehorse)USAOH-58D
563rd Aviation Support Battalion (Task Force Fighting) USA
7th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment (Task Force Lift)USACH-47D/F
C Company, 1st Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment (Arctic Dustoff) USAUH-60L/M
B Company, 1st Battalion, 171st Aviation Regiment (Task Force Voyager) USAUH-60L/M
C Company, 1st Battalion, 214th Aviation Regiment (Task Force Dustoff) USAUH-60L/M
Rotary Wing Group, 5th Aviation Regiment (TF Brahman)Australia ~65 2 CH-47D
577th Expeditionary Prime BEEF Group USA
777th Expeditionary Prime BEEF SquadronUSA
Task Force ForagerUSA 
30th Naval Construction RegimentUSA 
Uruzgan Province
Deh Rawood, Uruzgan Province
Tarin Kowt, Uruzgan Province
Combined Team - UruzganComposite6
Headquarters, Combined Team UruzganComposite
Provincial Reconstruction TeamComposite
PRT Support ElementComposite
Role 2 Medical FacilityUSA
U/I ElementSingapore
U/I Engineer CompanySlovakia
U/I ElementNew Zealand
Joint Task Force 633 - AfghanistanAustralia  
Counter Improvised Explosive Device Task ForceAustralia
Force Support Unit 3Australia
Force Communications UnitAustralia
Heron DetachmentAustralia ~28 Heron UAV
UAV Detachment, 20th Surveillance Targeting Acquisition RegimentAustralia ~30 SCANEAGLE UAV
Weapons Intelligence TeamAustralia
3 Mentoring Task ForceAustralia ~730
U/I Elements, 3rd Brigade (Townsville)Australia
Special Operations Task Group7Australia ~300
U/I Elements, 1 Commando, SASRAustralia
U/I Elements, 2 Commando, SASRAustralia
U/I Elements, Incident Response RegimentAustralia
U/I Elements, Special Operations Logistic SquadronAustralia
Combined Task Force WarhorseUnited States
2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry DivisionUnited States
Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd Brigade Combat TeamUSA
2 Brigade Special Troops BattalionUSA
1st Battalion, 67th Armor RegimentUSA
2nd Battalion, 8th Infantry RegimentUSA
1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry RegimentUSA
3rd Battalion, 16th Field Artillery RegimentUSA
204th Brigade Support BattalionUSA
Zabul Province
Combined Team - Zabul Composite8  
Headquarters, Combined Team Zabul Romania/USA
Provincial Reconstruction Team USA
HHC, 116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team USA
1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment USA
2nd Infantry Battalion "Calugareni" Romania
495th Infantry Battalion "Cpt. Stefan Soverth" Romania
Regional Command (South West)
TOTAL ~ 27,000
Helmand Province
Task Force Helmand (Operation Herrick 14) UK 
U/I Infantry CompanyEstonia
Danish Battle Group (Coalition Force Nahr-e Saraj North)9 Denmark ~750
U/I Ingeniørenhed (Engineering Unit)Denmark
U/I ? Infanterikompagni (Armoured Infantry) DenmarkCV9035DK (IKK)
U/I Let OpklaringseskadronDenmarkEagle IV
U/I KampvognsdetachementDenmark3 Leopard 2A5
U/I Militærpolitienhed (Military Police Unit) Denmark
Royal NavyUK
Headquarters, 3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines (Task Force Headquarters)UK
42 Commando, Royal MarinesUK
45 Commando, Royal MarinesUK
Commando Logistic Regiment, Royal MarinesUK
British ArmyUK
3rd Battalion (Staffords), The Mercian RegimentUK
1st Battalion, The RiflesUK
2nd Battalion, The Royal Gurkha RiflesUK
4th Battalion (The Highlanders), Royal Regiment of ScotlandUK
U/I Elements, 9th/12th LancersUKCVR(T) Scimitar
U/I Elements, Royal Scots Dragoon GuardsUK Challenger 2
29 Commando Regiment, Royal ArtilleryUK
24 Commando Engineer RegimentUK
903 Expeditionary Air Wing UK
U/I Detachment, 5 (AC) SquadronUKSentinel R1
U/I Elements, U/I Squadron, RAF Regiment UK
U/I Elements, Force Protection Wing, RAF RegimentUK
Joint Helicopter ForceUK
U/I Detachment, 854 Squadron (Fleet Air Arm)UKSea King Mk 7 ASaC
U/I Detachment, 857 Squadron (Fleet Air Arm)UKSea King Mk 7 ASaC
U/I Detachments, U/I Squadrons (Royal Air Force)UKChinook
Task Force Leatherneck USA 
II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward) USA 
Headquarters, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward)USA
2nd Marine Division
Headquarters Battalion, 2nd Marine DivisionUSA
1st Battalion, 10th Marine RegimentUSA
1st Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment10 USA
3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance BattalionUSA
2nd Reconnaissance BattalionUSA
1st Combat Engineer BattalionUSA
Regimental Combat Team 1
2nd Battalion, 1st Marine RegimentUSA
2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine RegimentUSA
2nd Battalion, 8th Marine RegimentUSA
3rd Battalion, 9th Marine RegimentUSA
Regimental Combat Team 8
3rd Battalion, 5th Marine RegimentUSA
1st Battalion, 8th Marine RegimentUSA
3rd Battalion, 8th Marine RegimentUSA
33rd Light Infantry BattalionGeorgia
2nd Marine Air Wing (Forward)
Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 2 (MWHS-2)USA
Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 252 (VMGR-252)USA
Marine Air Control Group 28 (MACG-28)USA
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 40 (MALS-40)USA
Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122 (VMFA-122)USA
Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 169 (HMLA-169)USA
Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 162 (VMM-162)USA
Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 461 (HMH-461)USA
Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463 (HMH-463)USA
Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron 2 (VMU-2)USA
Marine Wing Support Squadron 371 (MWSS-371)USA
3rd Marine Logistics Group (Forward) USA 
Headquarters and Service Company, 3rd Marine Logistics Group (Forward)USA
7th Engineer Support BattalionUSA
U/I Combat Logistics BattalionsUSA
Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province
Provincial Reconstruction Team UK
Regional Command (West)
TOTAL ~ 6,000
Herat Province
HQ RC(W)Italy
FSB HeratSpain
U/I Quick Reaction ForceSpain
U/I Helicopter UnitSpain2 HT.21
3 Super Puma
U/I Role 2 Hospital UnitSpain
Provincial Reconstruction TeamItaly
Task Force North Italy
U/I Elements, 151° Reggimento Fanteria della Brigata "Sassari"Italy
Task Force Genio Italy
Headquarters, 5° Reggimento Genio Guastatori della Brigata "Sassari" Italy
U/I Companies, 5° Reggimento Genio Guastatori della Brigata "Sassari" Italy
Joint Air Task Force Italy
32° StormoItalyPredator UAV
51° StormoItalyAMX
U/I Elements, 46a Brigata AereaItalyC-130J
U/I Elements, U/I Gruppo ElicotteriItalyEH-101
Task Force Fenice, delI'Aviazione dell'EsercitoItalyCH-47
Task Force Raider West11 USA
1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division (-)United States
7th Squadron, 10th Cavalry RegimentUSA
Task Force Spearhead USA
1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division (-)United States
3rd Battalion, 227th Aviation RegimentUSA
Farah Province
Provincial Reconstruction TeamUSA
Task Force Centre (Shindad) Italy
U/I Elements, 66° Reggimento Fanteria della Brigata "Friuli" Italy
Task Force South Italy
U/I Elements, 152° Reggimento Fanteria della Brigata "Sassari"Italy
Task Force South East (Bakwa) Italy
U/I Elements, Reggimento Marina "San Marco"Italy
Task Force Genio Italy
U/I Companies, 5° Reggimento Genio Guastatori della Brigata "Sassari" Italy
Qala-e-Naw, Badghis Province
Provincial Reconstruction TeamSpain
Task Force BadghisSpain
U/I Maneuver BattalionSpain
Chaghcharan, Ghowr Province
Provincial Reconstruction TeamLithuania


    1 - Total ISAF and other force numbers potentially include overlapping rotations and other operational fluctuation.

    2 - The Air Task Force is headquartered at KAIA, but provides aircraft to dispresed locations throughtout the 5 Regional Commands. Aircraft might not be located at KAIA.

    3 - Task Force Thunderbird is headquartered at Forward Operating Base Gamberi, Laghman Province, but conducts operations in other provinces, including Panjshir, and the western districts of Nuristan provinces.

    4 - The locations indicated for these Combat Aviation Brigades represent the locations of the Brigade's headquarters. The units assigned to the brigade are dispersed throughout the areas of Afghanistan where the United States is engaged.

    5 - The 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade began redeploying to the United States in mid-March 2011.

    6 - Combined Team - Uruzgan is a composite element that includes elements from the United States, Australia, Singapore, the Slovak Republic and New Zealand. It also initially included transitional representation from the Netherlands during their departure in summer 2010.

    7 - Though colocated with Combined Team - Uruzgan, the Australian Special Operations Task Group is not subordinate to it and operates at various locations around Afghanistan as part of NATO Special Operations Forces in the region.

    8 - Combined Team - Zabul is a composite element that includes elements from the United States and Romania.

    9 - The maneuver components of the Danish battle group are under the operational control of the British Task Force Helmand.

    10 - 1st Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment replaced 1st Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment during the first week of September 2011.

    11 - Task Force Raider West is detached from the rest of Task Force Raider, in RC-S.

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