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Operation Golden Pheasant

In 1988, when the borders of Honduras were threatened, XVIII Airborne Corps launched Operation Golden Pheasant to counter Nicaraguan incursions into Honduras. Elements of two divisions were dispatched on a no-notice deployment exercise and show of force to ensure the sovereignty of Honduran territory would be respected. An 82d Airborne Division Brigade task force of two battalions conducted a parachute insertion and airland operation into Honduras as part of Operation Golden Pheasant. The deployment was billed as a join training exercise, but the paratroopers deployed ready to fight, causing the Sandinistas to withdraw back across their border.

Since 1990, Central America has experienced new political stability as the conflicts in El Salvador and Nicaragua have been resolved, and the overall threat of communist expansion has diminished. As a result, US-directed counterinsurgency and intelligence activities have ended. This continuing mission to Honduras consists of an infantry task force assisting in security and protection operations, including attached military police.


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