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Korea Demilitarized Zone Incidents


1967 - 2001

Date Description of Incident Killed in Action Wounded
in Action
Protested at MAC Meeting
19 Jan 67 nK shore batteries fired on and sank ROKN PCE-56 off the north Korean east coast 39 (ROK) 15 (ROK) 239
22 May 67 nK intruders exploded demolition charges in 2nd Infantry Division barracks 2 (US) 17 (US)
2 (ROK)
28 Aug 67 nK armed attack on UNCMAC Advance Camp (76th Engineers) 1 (US)
2 (ROK)
12 (US)
9 (ROK)
1968 The year 1968 witnessed 181 serious incidents in and out of the DMZ, making it the most violent year in the history of the Armistice 17 (US)
145 (ROK)
54 (US)
240 (ROK)
21 Jan 68 31 nK armed agents intruded into Seoul in an attempt to assassinate President Park 29 (nK) 1 (nK)
23 Jan 68 nK gun boats seized the USS Pueblo in the Sea of Japan, over 15 nautical miles off the nK coast. 82 crew members released on 23 Dec 68 1 (US) 263
14 Apr 68 nK intruders ambushed a UNC JSA security guard truck enroute to JSA 2 (US) 2 (ROK) 266
20 Aug 68 nK agent boat intercepted off Cheju Island 12 (nK) 2 (nK)
30 Nov 68 nK landed approximately 120 nK commandos near Samchok, ROK 107 (nK) 2 (nK) 282
1969 More than 150 nK agents were killed while attempting to infiltrate into the ROK from the sea 150 (nK)
15 Mar 69 nK fired upon a UNC work party that finished replacing MDL marker 0022 1 (US) 2 (US)
1 (ROK)
15 Apr 69 USN EC-121 recon aircraft was shot down by two nK MIGs 90 miles off the nK east coast 31 (US) 290
5 Jun 70 A ROK Navy "1-2" ship was fired on and sunk by nK naval vessels in the Western Sea 20 (ROK) 302
7 Mar 73 nK armed attack on UNC work party replacing MDL marker 0654 2 (ROK) 1 (ROK) 337
15 Feb 74 nK naval vessels attacked ROK fishing boats in international waters 12 (ROK) 348
28 Jun 74 Three nK gun-boats attacked and sank a ROK Maritime Police craft (863) in the Eastern Sea near the MDL-extended 26 (ROK) 2 (ROK)
30 Jun 75 nK guards attacked Maj Henderson, acting commander of UNC Joint Security Force in JSA 1 (US) 365
18 Aug 76 nK guards attacked UNC guards during "tree-trimming incident" in the JSA 2 (US) 4 (US)
4 (ROK)
5 (nK)
3 May 77 nK intruders attacked ROK Army personnel in the central sector 1 (ROK) 1 (ROK) 383
14 Jul 77 US Army CH-47 shot down after it accidentally crossed MDL into north near east coast. (US casualties were returned via Panmunjom several days later) 3 (US) 1 (US) 385
28 Apr 78 nK agent boat attacked ROK National Police maritime patrol boat 1 (ROK)
4 (nK)
4 (ROK) 386
21 Jul 78 nK agent boat attacked ROK National Police patrol boat 2 (ROK)
6 (nK)
1 (ROK) 394
7 Dec 79 US DMZ patrol accidentally crossed MDL and stepped on nK mines. Body of US soldier returned by nK at 461st MAC Secretaries meeting. US wounded
returned safely to UNC side after incident
1 (US) 2 (US)
23 Mar 80 Three nK agents infiltrating through the Han River Estuary were killed by ROK defenders 3 (nK) 400
27 Mar 80 nK intruders fired on ROK Army patrol in Central Sector 1 (ROK)
1 (nK)
1 (ROK)
1 (nK)
21 Jun 80 nK agent boat attacked ROK  Navy patrol boat 9 (nK) 2 (ROK)
1 (nK)
Nov 80
nK agents landed on Hoenggan Island killing one ROK civilian and wounding five others before being caught 3 (nK) 403
Dec 80
nK agents landed on Namhae Island 3 (ROK)
3 (nK)
3 (ROK) 404
4 Jul 81 nK agent infiltrated through DMZ 2 (ROK)
1 (nK)
15 May 83 nK agents landed on east coast of ROK 1 (nK) 413
19 Jun 83 nK agents discovered near Munsan in the Western Corridor 3 (nK) 419
5 Aug 83 nK agents attempted to land near Kampo on the SE coast 5 (nK) 421
13 Aug 83 nK agent boat sunk east of  Ullung Island in East Sea 5 (nK) 421
3 Dec 83 nK agents landed at Tadaepo beach near Pusan 3 (nK) 2 (nK) Captured 423
23 Nov 84 nK guards fired on a Soviet defector and UNC JSA guards at Panmunjom 1 (ROK)
3 (nK)
1 (US)
1 (nK)
426 and at 474th Secretaries Mtg
20 Oct 85 nK agent boat sunk near Pusan At least 2 (nK) 430
24 Apr 86 nK armed vessel failed to stop after crossing the MDL extension line in the East Sea. nK vessel sunk in exchange of fire 2 (nK) 4 (nK) 435
21 Nov 87 nK guard fired on ROKA post in the Central Sector 1 (ROK)
22 May 92 nK armed intruders were intercepted in the central sector of the DMZ. UNC called 460th MAC meeting, but nK rejected the meeting. 3 (nK) 2 (ROK)
17 Dec 94 U.S. Army OH-58A+ helicopter accidently strayed across the MDL about 10 km into nK territory and was shot down by nK forces. Of the crew of two, one was killed; the other was held for 13 days. 1 (US)
17 Oct 95 Infiltration attempt by KPA soldiers near Imjin River. One infiltrator was killed, one believed to have made his way back to north Korea. 1 (nK)
06 Apr 96 More than 100 North Korean troops entered the northern sector of the Joint Security Area (JSA) at Panmunjom the day after North Korea announced it had "dismissed" the armistice with the South. Both ROK and US forces were put on a higher state of alert-Watchcon 2-although there was no change in defense readiness, which was maintained at Defcon 4. (The CFC reverted to Watchcon 3 several weeks after the April armistice violation.)
16 Jul 97 nK armed intruders were UNK (nK) UNK (nK)
intercepted about 100 M in the ROK. Subsequent fire fight took place between two nK and two ROK guard posts. nK intruders returned north.
unk (nK)
9 Sep 97 nK soldier intruded south into the ROK, threatened a ROK guard, and was shot in self defense. 1 (nK)
17 Oct 97 nK soldiers apprehend two ROK farmers at the MDL, east of Panmunjom. The nK released the farmers unharmed on 21 Oct. nK soldier intruded south into the ROK, threatened a ROK guard, and was shot in self defense. 1 (nK)
3 Feb 98 In Panmunjom, a KPA Captain crossed the MDL from KPA GP#2 and surrendered himself at UNC CP#4. He expressed his desire to defect to       the ROK and remained, despite KPA protests claiming he was abducted.     Daily 3-6 Feb 98
11 Jun 98 The KPA fired 3-4 rounds at UNC GP#247. One round hit the top of UNC GP#247. No casualties reported.      
22 Jun 98 A North Korean midget submarinewas seized after it was spotted  entangled in South Korean fishing nets off the South Korean town of  Sokcho, south of the DMZ. Whenbrought to shore three days later, the nine crew aboard were found dead inside from an apparent group suicide. KPA-9   23 Jun 98 (NOTE: This was the first UNC-KPA meeting in the General Officer Talks (GOT) forum. 30 Jun 98 3 Jul 98 16 Jul 98
12 Jul 98 A body of a North Korean frogman was found on a beach south of the DMZ, along with paraphernalia suggesting an apparent infiltration/espionage mission. KPA-1    
18 Dec 98 In a firefight, the South Korean navy sank a North Korean Improved Semi-Submersible Landing Craft (I-SILC) some 150 kilometers southwest of Pusan. The body of a North Korean frogman was recovered near the site. The vessel was first spotted two kilometers off the port city of Yosu. KPA-1   6 Jan 99
4-15 Jun 99 nK ships provoked a nine-daynaval confrontation off ROK's western coast in disputed waters in the Yellow sea over disputed  border known as the Northern Limit Line (NLL). When the damaged confrontation ended in exchange of fire each blamed the other for starting the firefight KPA-30-34 ROKN-0
One torpedo boat sunk; 5 naval vessels damaged
5 naval vessels damaged
15 Jun 98
18 Jun 98
22 Jun 98
2 Jul 98
General Officer Talks
26 Sep 00 Two KPA soldiers cross the MDL in vicinity of Tae-Song-Dong. When challenged by ROK soldiers, one of the KPA soldiers told them their weapons are designed "to kill Americans". No shots fired.     6 Oct 00
26 Oct 00

Two U.S. aircraft participating  in an exercise in the ROK accidentally fly over the DMZ.


    28 Oct 00
2-4 Jun 01

 Three "commercial" naval vessels  from the DPRK cross the Cheju Strait in both an easterly and westerly direction. The ROK Navy issued verbal warnings not to pass without approval, but the ships captains ignore the warnings.


 8 Jun 01

 A "commercial" naval vessel  from the DPRK crossed the Northern Limit Line (NLL), entered the contiguous waters of the ROK, and passed north              to the port of Nampo, despite warnings not to enter the prohibited area.

19 Sep 01 A three-man KPA patrol armed 12 Oct 01 with AK-47 rifles was observed passing through the KPA forward fence line. A UNC Guard Post                    (GP) issued two verbal warnings. The UNC GP fired 24 warning shots. The KPA soldiers returned to the north.      
20 Sep 01


10 KPA soldiers crossed 50 meters south of the MDL UNC issued 13 voice warnings and five warning shots. The KPA retreated to the north.


    12 Oct 01
27 Nov 01 North and South Korean troops briefly exchanged fire in the DMZ. North Korean troops fired three rounds toward a UNC guard post      prompting the ROK Army unit to return fire. One bullet hit and shattered a windowpane of a South Korean bunker that serves as a guard post. No casualties.      
17 Jul 03 At 6:10 AM North and South Korean soldiers echanged machine-gun fire near Yonchon, 35 miles north of Seoul. The North Koreans fired four 14.6mm rounds from a distance of 1,100 meters at ROKA soldiers who responded with 17 shots from a K-3. Warning announcements were made on the ROKA loudspeaker. ROKA soldiers along the DMZ were put on alert. Three of the four DPRK rounds struck a ROKA guard post.No ROKA casualties were reported.           

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