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Operation Desert Storm

Coalition Ground Forces

Allied Ground Order of Battle
Allies 1-Aug-90 1-Oct-90 1-Nov-90 1-Dec-90
Armed Forces Total Strength 1,128,000 1,107,000 1,107,000 1,110,000
Ground Force Strength 842,500 828,500 828,500 831,500
Divisions 21 21 21 21
Maneuver Brigades 122 123 123 123
Tanks 8,600 8,500 8,500 8,600
Armored Vehicles (total) 15,800 15,000 15,000 15,000
Artillery 100mm+ 3,820 3,750 3,750 3,750
(self-propelled) 620 550 550 550
(towed) 3,200 3,200 3,200 3,200
Multiple Rocket Launchers 790 800 800 800
SSM (launchers) 100 100 100 100

Major Army Forces
Organization for Combat


	11th ADA BDE
		82nd Airborne Division (-)
		101st Airborne Division (AASLT)
		24th Infantry Division (MECH)
			197th Infantry Brigade (MECH)
		3d ACR
		12th AVN BDE
		18th AVN BDE
		XVIII Corps Artillery
			18th FA BDE
			212th FA BDE
			196th FA BDE
		6th Light Armored Division (FR) (TACON)
			2d BDE, 82nd Airborne Division (OPCON)
		1st Armored Division
			3d BDE, 3d Infantry Division
		3d Armored Division
		1st Infantry Division (MECH)
			2d Armored Division (FWD)
		1st Cavalry Division
		2d ACR
		11th AVN BDE
		VII Corps Artillery
			210th FA BDE
			42d FA BDE
			75th FA BDE
			142d FA BDE
		1st AR Division (UK) (TACON)


	5th Special Forces Group
	3d Special Forces Group (-)


	1st BDE, 2d Armored Division

I MEF Task Organization

	I MEF Command Element
		1st Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Intelligence Group
		3d Civil Affairs Group
		3d Naval Construction Regiment (USN)
		24th Marines (USMCR) (Rear Area Security)
	1st Marine Division
		1st Marines (TF Papa Bear)
		3d Marines (TF Taro)
		4th Marines (TF Grizzly)
		7th Marines (TF Ripper)
		11th Marines (TF King)
		1st Light Armored Infantry Battalion (TF Shepherd)
		1st Battalion, 25th Marines (USMCR) (TF Warden)
		TF Troy (Deception)
		(1st and 3d Tank Battalions,1st Combat Engineer Battalion,1st Reconnaissance Battalion,and other combat support units 
		were attached to the task forces)
	2d Marine Division
		6th Marines
		8th Marines
		Tiger Brigade, 2d Armored Division (USA)
		10th Marines
		2d Light Armored Infantry Battalion
		2d Tank Battalion (M1A1)
		8th Tank Battalion (USMCR) (M60A1)
		2d Reconnaissance Battalion
	3d Marine Aircraft Wing
		Marine Aircraft Group-11
		Marine Aircraft Group-13 (Forward)
		Marine Aircraft Group-16
		Marine Aircraft Group-26
		Marine Air Control Group-38
		Marine Wing Support Group-37
	1st Force Service Support Group
		General Support Group-1
		General Support Group-2
		Direct Support Command
			Direct Support Group-1
			Direct Support Group-2
	5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade
		5th Marines
		Marine Aircraft Group 50 (Composite)
		Brigade Service Support Group-5

Arab-Islamic Forces:
Joint Forces Command-North

	Egyptian Corps
		3rd Mech Infantry Division
		4th Armored Division
		Ranger Regiment
	Syrian Division
		9th Armored Division
		Special Forces Regiment
	Force Muthannah
		20th Brigade, (RSLF)
		35th Mech Infantry BDE, Kuwait
	Force SAAD
		4th Armored Brigade, (RSLF)
		15th Infantry Brigade, Kuwaiti
	JFC-N Troops
		Niger INF BN
		1st Aviation BN (RSLF)
		15th FA BN (RSLF)

Arab-Islamic Forces:
Joint Forces Command-East

	Force Abu Bakr
		2nd SANG Brigade
	Force Othman
		8th Mech Brigade (RSLF)
		Kuwait Al-Fatah Brigade
		Oman Motorized Infantry Battalion
		Bahrain Infantry Company
	Task Force Omar
		10th Mech Brigade (RSLF)
		UAE Motorized Infantry Battalion
	Task Force Tariq
		Marine Battalion Task Force (RS Marines)
		Infantry Battalion (Senegal)
		6th Mech Infantry Regiment (Moroccan Forces)
	JFC-E Troops
		Qatar Mech Infantry Battalion
		1st East Bengal INF BN
		Combat Aviation Battalion (Kuwait/UAE)
		14th FA BN (Towed, 155) (RSLF)
		18th FA BN (MLRS) (RSLF)
		Engineer Force 5 Saif Allah (RSLF)

Non-Affiliated Forces

	European Forces
		1st Armored Division (United Kingdom)
			7th Armored Brigade Group
			4th Armored Brigade
		6th Light Armored Division (France)
			1st Foreign Legion Cavalry Regt
			1st Helicopter Regt
			1st Spahihf Regt
			2nd Foreign Legion Infantry Regt
			3rd Helicopter Regt (Reinforced)
			3rd Marine Infantry Regiment
			4th Dragoon Regt
	Kuwaiti Forces
		Al-Haq Brigade, Kuwaiti Forces
		Khulud Brigade, Kuwaiti Forces
		Kuwaiti Commando Battalion

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