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Adventure Express 97

Allied Command Europe Mobile Force Land (Land), or AMF(L), is a strategically-mobile, conventionally-armed force comprising units assigned to it by fourteen of NATO's member nations. Its role is the same now as it was back in 1960, when it first set up, namely to make it clear to a potential aggressor that an attack against one of NATO's member nations would be regarded as an attack on the entire Alliance. With NATO's new strategy, the AMF(L) has become the land component of the Immediate Reaction Force. Since it can be deployed early in a crises in ACE, it is one of the first military options in the crisis management system available to NATO. The force is approximately 13,000 strong, with about half its strength committed at any one time to a full deployment. It is sending four battalion groups (one each from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and The United Kingdom) to take part in Exercise ADVENTURE EXPRESS 97. Unit or staff personnel from Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, Norway and the United States are also taking part. The permanent headquarters of the AMF(L) is at Heidelberg, Germany.

The NATO Composite Force (NCF) is a multinational force that was established in 1989. Its current strength comprises one US Army Field Artillery Battalion, one German Army Field Artillery Battalion, and two Norwegian helicopter squadrons (mobilised aircraft). The NCF has no command or support assets and is earmarked to come under the command of 6 Division. As its only deployment area is North Norway, its heavy equipment is pre-positioned in Norway. The following NCF assets took part in Exercise ADVENTURE EXPRESS 97: the headquarters and one battery of the US Field Artillery Battalion, the headquarters of the German battalion, and eight Norwegian civil helicopters from 754 Squadron.

Some eighty aircraft and forty helicopters took part in the exercise. Air operations were planned and controlled by the Air Operations Centre at HQ COMJTFNON, under Major General Kjell Lutnes, Commander Air Forces North Norway.

Nation Basing Unit Aircraft/Equipment
NATO In the field 6. US Avn Det UH 1H AMF(L)
    FHU (GE) UH-1D AMF(L)
    FHU (UK) Puma HC-1 AMF(L)
NATO Bardufoss/in the field 754 Sqn (NO) Super Puma
NATO rland NAEW E-3A/D
NL Andya 320 Sqn P-3C (Orion)
NL Andya 306 Sqn F-16 A/B
NL Andya 640 Sqn Hawk-Flycatcher-Stinger
UK Bardufoss 6/41 Sqn Jaguar
UK Bod 814 Sqn Sea King ASW
UK Ship based 715 Sqn Lynx
US Evenes 350 SOG MC-130
US Andya 138 Sqn F-16 C/D
NO Bod/Banak/Andya 330 Sqn Sea king SAR
NO Bod 331/334 Sqn F-16 A/B
NO Bod 335 Sqn C-130 (Hercules)
NO Bod 719 Sqn DHC-6 (Twin Otter)
NO Evenes 336 Sqn F-5
NO Evenes 338 Sqn F-16 A/B
NO Andya 333 Sqn P-3C (Orion)
NO Bardufoss 720 Sqn B-412SP SAR
NO Andya 42 L Luftvern
NO Bardufoss/in the field 339 Sqn B-412 SP
NO Bardufoss 51M/53M Air Defence (NASAMS)
NO Bardufoss 43 L Air Defence
NO Bardufoss/Ship 337 Sqn Lynx
NO Banak 332 Sqn F-16 A/B
NO Langnes 717 Sqn DA-20 (Jet Falcon)
SIV Langnes Phoenix Air Lear Jet
BLUE forces (The southern party)

Land Forces
(Approximately 9000 troops from Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, The United Kingdom and the United states of America)
Air Forces
(Approximately 35 aircraft and 40 helicopters from Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States of America)
Naval Forces (from 8 March)
(Approximately 20 vessels from Belgium, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom)
6 Division with :
  • HQ elements
  • Div 6 /Brig N
  • Div 6/Brig 6
  • Div 6/Arty Regt
  • Div 6 /Log Regt
  • Combat and Service Support units
  • NCF with US Arty Bn
  • Ranger Coy/Porsanger Bn

    AMF(L) with:

  • HQ elements
  • 4 Infantry Bn
  • 4 Artillery Btty
  • Combat and service support units
  • Bardufoss Air Station with:
  • 6/41 sqn. (UK) with 12 Jaguar
  • Air defence units

    Evenes Air Station with:

  • 338-sqn. (NO) with 12 F-16

    Bod Main Air Station with:

  • 331/334-sqn. (NO) with 8-10 F-16
  • Air defence units

    Under 6.Division

  • 339-sqn. with 8 helicopters
  • 754-sqn. with 8 civilian helicopters

    Under AMF(L):

  • 17 helicopters from GE, UK and US
  • 4 MCM units (BE/NL/GE/UK) Norwegian frigate

    Two coast guard vessels

    One FPB-squadron with:

  • 4 FPBs
  • 1 auxiliary

    Mine Countermeasure:

  • 2 MCM vessels

    1. Landing Craft Squadron:

  • 3 Landing crafts

    Coastal artillery groups:

  • Vestfjorden and Malangen with one Mobile Light Missile Battery unit
  • BLUE forces wear national uniforms with field cap/helmet without any special marking.
    Vehicles, aircraft and vessels are not marked.


    Land Forces
    (Approximately 6000 troops from Norway)
    Air Forces
    (Approximately 30 fly from the Netherlands, Norway and USA)
    Naval Forces from 8. March
    (Approximate 10 vessels from Norway)
    15.Brigade with:
  • HQ elements
  • 2 Infantry Bn
  • 1 Armoured Bn
  • 1 Arty Bn
  • Combat and service support units
  • Telemark Bn
  • Andya Air Station with:
  • 306-sqn. (NL) with 10 F-16
  • 138-sqn. (US) with 10 F-16

    Banak Air Station with:

  • 332-sqn. (NO) with 12 F-16
  • One FPB-squadron with:
  • 5 FPBs

    2 submarines (Kobben-class)
    1 submarine (Ula-class)
    Sea Home Guard cutters
    TROMS Naval District

  • WHITE forces wear national field uniforms with field cap/helmet with a red ribbon.
    Vehicles are marked with a red cross on front, sides and top

    A small number of units, aircraft and helicopters are under command of the Exercise Director and will support both sides during the FTX.

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