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Clear command relationships and properly manned and equipped facilities are essential for effective joint CD operations. Interagency coordination is essential for continuous, effective use of military units in support of CD operations. In general, specific CD cells exist at all levels of command (strategic, operational, and tactical) to ensure unity of effort.

In defining DoD's role in the CD effort, Secretary of Defense Cheney directed all U.S. major commands to draw up plans spelling out how they proposed to assist in the reduction of drugs coming into the United States.

The following plans were submitted by the Commanders in Chief of the Forces Command, the U.S. Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern Commands, as well as the North American Aerospace Defense Command:

U.S. Forces Command (FORSCOM) - Coordinate all DoD operational support to CD activities on the ground in CONUS. Coordinate with the NG to ensure unity of effort. Provide intelligence analysis, transportation of law enforcement agents, detection and monitoring, use of ground sensors, photo reconnaissance, and engineering support activities.

Joint Task Force (JTF) 6 - FORSCOM activated JTF 6 at Ft. Bliss, TX, as a planning and coordinating headquarters to provide operational support from the DoD to federal, state, and local LEAs along the southwest border. JTF 6 coordinates with the NG of the four border states to ensure unity of effort. JTF 6 is a command and control (C2) headquarters only and has no operational units. JTF 6 is under the command of an Army Lieutenant General who reports to the JCS through FORSCOM.

U.S. Pacific Command (USPACOM) - Provide air and maritime detection and interdiction of drug trafficking vessels in the Pacific Ocean. Develop a plan to provide support and development of host country counterdrug capabilities. Provide military dog teams to assist LEAs in detection of illegal drugs, marijuana eradication in Hawaii.

JTF 5 - USPACOM established JTF 5 in Alemeda, CA, to coordinate, with appropriate LEA, CD operations to detect and monitor aircraft and vessels suspected of smuggling illegal drugs into the U.S through the Pacific. JTF 5 is under the command of a USCG flag officer who reports to the JCS through USCINCPAC.

U.S. Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) - Support the development of host-country CD capabilities (i.e., materiel, advice, maintenance, training). Patrol, identify, and intercept precursor chemicals and cocaine shipments. Provide data collected from radars and deployed air and sea surveillance platforms.

U.S. Atlantic Command (USLANTCOM) - Track and interdict the flow of drugs in international waters and airspace prior to its entry into U.S. territory. Conduct joint Navy-Coast Guard operations in the Caribbean. Deploy Counterdrug Task Force to combat flow of drugs from Latin America through the Caribbean.

JTF 4 - USLANTCOM established JTF 4 in Key West, FL, to coordinate, with appropriate LEA, CD operations to detect and monitor aircraft and vessels suspected of smuggling illegal drugs into the U.S through the Atlantic and Caribbean. JTF 4 is under the command of a USCG Vice Admiral who reports to the JCS through USCINCLANT.

North American Aerospace Defense Command - Detection and monitoring of suspected drug air and sea traffic with a combination of aerostats (air surveillance radar blimps) and AWACS aircraft. Notifies appropriate law enforcement Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence Center.

Army forces will conduct CD operations under the command of a U.S. CINC, whether inside or outside of the continental U.S. Army personnel will remain under the direct command of the appropriate Army or Joint Service commander. In the case of units supporting a civilian agency, a properly executed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or other agreement will specify the responsibility and authority of both Army commanders and the civilian agency personnel in a supervisory position over Army forces.

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