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Air Assault Division
Table of Organization and Equipment

NOTE: This summary of Army Tables of Organization and Equipment includes only combat and directly related major support units. For purposes of clarity, this display is simplified through the elimination of numerous headquarters, maintenance and other support units which are normally attached to or associated with the listed combat units [despite the well known fact that amateurs talk tactics while professionals talk logistics].

 X X X    X X     X    I I I  I I   #     #   Primary Equipment
Air Assault Division1
Headquarters Company1
MP Company1
Chemical Company1
Signal Battalion1
Headquarters Company 1   MSE
Contingency Area Signal Company 2   MSE
Signal Support Company [ABN]1   MSE
Forced Entry Signal Det [ABN]13   AN/PSC-3
Military Intelligence [MI] Battalion (AA/ABN)1
MI Headquarters Company (AA/ABN)11   ASAS + 2 TROJAN
MI Company, Direct Support (AA/ABN)31   JSTARS-GSM
MI Company, General Support (AA/ABN)13   TRQ-32
Long Range Surveilllance Detachment18   HMMWV
Air Defense Battalion1
Avenger/MPADS Battery [AASLT]312   Avenger
Avenger/MPADS Battery [AASLT]112   Avenger
Engineer Battalion [AASLT]1
Engineer Company [AASLT]3
Infantry Brigade3
Headquarters Company1
Infantry Battalion [Abn/AASLT]3
Rifle Company [Abn/AASLT]36  AAWS-M
Anti-Armor Company 110  TOW
Aviation Brigade, Assault 1
Assault Battalion3
Assault Company215   UH-60
Command Aviation Battalion1
Command Aviation Company18   UH-60 + 3 EH-60
Command Aviation Company18   UH-60
Support Aviation Company18   UH-60
Heavy Helicopter Battalion1
Heavy Helicopter Company316   CH-47
Aviation Brigade, Attack1
Air Recon Squadron1
Air Recon Troop48   OH-58D
Attack Battalion3
Attack Company38   AH-64
DIVARTY Division Artillery1
Headquarters Battery (AASLT)1
Field Artillery Battation3
Field Artillery Battery (AASLT)36   M119 105mm towed  

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