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FM 7-15

Field Manual
No. 7-15
Department of the Army
Washington, DC, 27 Feb 2009
Change 7, 20 May 11

FM 7-15

The Army Universal Task List

DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.


FM 7-15 describes the structure and content of the Army Universal Task List (AUTL). The AUTL is a comprehensive, but not all-inclusive listing of Army tasks, missions, and operations. Units and staffs perform these tasks, mission, and operations or capability at corps level and below. For each task, the AUTL provides a numeric reference hierarchy, a task title, a task description, a doctrine reference, and, in most cases, recommended measures of performance (measures) for training developers to develop training and evaluation outline evaluation criteria for supporting tasks. The task proponent is responsible for developing the training and evaluation outlines that supports each AUTL task. As a catalog, the AUTL captures doctrine as it existed on the date of its publication.

The AUTL can help commanders develop a mission-essential task list (METL). It (the AUTL) provides tasks, missions and operations or capabilities for a unit, company-sized and above, and staffs. Commanders should use the AUTL as a cross-reference for tasks. Commanders may use the AUTL to supplement their core training focused METL or the directed training focused METL as required. FM 7-0 and FM 7-1 discuss in detail METL development and requirements.

The primary source for standards for most Army units is their proponent-approved individual and collective tasks. Proponents revise standards when the factors of mission, enemy, terrain and weather, troops and support available, time available, civil considerations (METT-TC) significantly differ from those associated with a task training and evaluation outline. Significant differences in METT-TC may include new unit equipment; a table of organization; force packaging decisions during deployment; or new unit tasks.

Proponents and trainers will use the unit’s assigned table of organization and equipment, as the basis for mission analysis during the analysis phase of the Systems Approach to Training process. Trainers may use the AUTL as a catalog of warfighting function tasks when developing collective tasks. The AUTL is not all-inclusive. If the proponent or school identifies or develops a new AUTL task requirement, the new task will be provided to the Collective Training Directorate for approval and the Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate for input to AUTL revision. Task proponents and schools write and define the conditions and standards (training and evaluation outlines) for individual and collective tasks which support the AUTL.

The AUTL does not include tasks Army forces perform as part of joint and multinational forces at the strategic and operational levels. Those tasks are included in the Universal Joint Task List (UJTL). The UJTL defines tasks and functions performed by Army elements operating at the operational and strategic levels of war. The UJTL provides an overall description of joint tasks to apply at the national strategic, theater strategic, operational, and tactical levels of command. The UJTL also provides a standard reference system used by United States Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) combat developers for analysis, such as front-end analysis of force element capabilities. Each military Service is required to publish its own tactical task list to supplement the UJTL. (The UJTL bibliography includes the other Services’ task lists.) The AUTL is the Army supplement to the UJTL.

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