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1SG first sergeant
2IC second in command
A&O assault and obstacle
A2C2 Army airspace command and control
AAFS Amphibious Assault Fuel System
ABCS Army Battle-Command System
ACE analysis control element
ACE armored combat earthmover
ACE Assistant Corps Engineer
ACUS area common user system
ADA air defense artillery
ADC area damage control
ADC-S assistant division commander for support
ADDS automated data distribution system
ADE Assistant Division Engineer
ADP automated data processing
AE assault echelon
AFCS Army facilities components system
AFCT aircraft
AFFOR Air Force forces
AFOE assault follow-on echelon
AG Adjutant General
AHD antihandling device
AI air interdiction
AIR DET air detachment
AISN Army Information Systems Network
ALOC air lines of communication
AM airfield matting
AMCI Army and Marine Corps Integration
ammo ammunition
ANG Air National Guard
AO area of operations
AOA amphibious objective area
AOR area of responsibility
APOD aerial port of debarkation
APOE aerial port of embarkation
AR Army regulation
ARFOR Army forces
ARNG Army National Guard
arty artillery
ASG area support group
ASOC air support operations center
ASP ammunition supply point
ASR alternate supply route
ATACMS Army tactical cruise missile system
ATK attack position
ATMCT air terminal movement control team
ATP ammunition transfer point
ATTE assistant theater topographic engineer
ATTN attention
AV aviation
AVIM aviation intermediate maintenance
AVLB armored vehicle launched bridge
BB bare base
BCC battlefield circulation control
BCE base civil engineer
BCOC base cluster operations center
BDA battle damage assessment
BDAR battle damage assessment and repair
bde brigade
BDOC base defense operations center
BHL battle handover line
BMMC Brigade Materiel Management Center
bn battalion
BOS battlefield operating system
br branch
BSA brigade support area
BSO brigade signal officer
C2 command and control
CA civil affairs
CAC crossing-area commander
CAE crossing-area engineer
CALL Center for Army Lessons Learned
CAS close air support
CATF Commander, Amphibious Task Force
CATK counterattack
CAV cavalry
CB construction battalion
CBMU construction battalion maintenance unit
cbt combat
CBU construction battalion unit
CCF Chinese Communist Forces
CDOCC corps deep operations coordination cell
CDR commander
CEB Combat Engineer Battalion
CEC combat engineer company
CEV combat engineer vehicle
CFC crossing-force commander
CFE crossing-force engineer
CGSC Command and General Staff College
CINC Commander in Chief
CINCLANTFLT Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet
CINCPACFLT Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet

Class I
A category of supply which includes meals and rations.

Class II
A category of supply which includes consumables/expendables.

Class III
A category of supply which includes petroleum, oils, and lubricants.

Class IV
A category of supply which includes construction and barrier materials.

Class V
A category of supply which includes ammunition.

Class VI
A category of supply which includes sundry packs.

Class VII
A category of supply which includes end items.

Class VIII
A category of supply which includes medical material.

Class IX
A category of supply which includes repair parts and components.

classes of supplies
The grouping of supplies, by type, into 10 categories to facilitate supply management and planning.
CMCC corps movement control center
cmd command
CMMC Corps Materiel Management Center
CNR combat net radio
co company
COA course of action
COB collocated operating base
COMCBLANT Commander, Naval Construction Battalions, US Atlantic Fleet
COMCBPAC Commander, Naval Construction Battalions, US Pacific Fleet
coml commercial
COMMZ communications zone
CONPLAN contingency plan
const construction
CONUS continental United States
COR contracting officer's representative
COSCOM corps support command
CP command post
CPOC corps personnel operations center
CREST contingency real estate support team
CS call sign
CS combat support
CSA corps storage area
CSB corps support battalion
CSC combat support company
CSE combat support equipment
CSG corps support group
CSH combat support hospital
CSM command sergeant major
CSR controlled supply rate
CSS combat service support
D+ day of an operation
D-Day commencement of operations
DA Department of the Army
DAC disaster assistance center
DBC deputy brigade commander
DCG deputy commanding general
DCRU disaster control and recovery unit
DCS defense communication system
den dental activity
dep deputy
DISCOM division support command
div division
DMA Defense Mapping Agency
DMMC Division Materiel Management Center
DOD Department of Defense
DODD Department of Defense Directive
DP decision point
DPW Directorate of Public Works
DS direct support
DSA division support area
DSSU direct-support supply unit
DST decision support template
DSU direct-support unit
DTG date-time group
DX direct exchange
DXA direct-exchange activity
E&S engineering and services
EA engagement area
EAC echelons above corps
EBA engineer battlefield assessment
EEEI essential elements of engineer intelligence
EEMO engineer equipment maintenance officer
EGA enhanced graphite adapter
ENCOM engineer command
ENGDATAREP Engineer Data Report
engr engineer
ENGREP Engineer Report
ENSITREP engineer situation report
ento entomology
EOD explosive ordnance disposal
EPLRS enhanced position location reporting system
EPW enemy prisoner of war
equip equipment
ESB engineer support battalion
ESC engineer support company
evac evacuation
EW electronic warfare
EWL engineer work line
FA field artillery
FAA forward assembly area
FACE forward aviation combat engineering
FARP forward area rearm/refuel point
FEBA forward edge of the battle area
fld field
FLOT forward line of own troops
FLS forward landing strip
FM field manual
FM frequency modulated
FMFM Fleet Marine Force manual
FMSP Foreign Military Sales Program
FOL forward operating location
FRAGO fragmentary order
freq frequency
FSB forward support battalion
FSCOORD fire-support coordination officer
FSSG force service support group
fwd forward
G1 Assistant Chief of Staff, G1 (Personnel)
G2 Assistant Chief of Staff, G2 (Intelligence)
G3 Assistant Chief of Staff, G3 (Operations and Plans)
G4 Assistant Chief of Staff, G4 (Logistics)
G5 Assistant Chief of Staff, G5 (Civil Affairs)
gp group
grp group
GS general support
GSSU general-support supply unit
GSU general-support unit
H start of an operation
H&S Headquarters and Service
HEMTT heavy expanded mobility tactical truck
HHC headquarters and headquarters company
HHD headquarters and headquarters detachment
hldg holding
HMMWV high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle
HQ headquarters
HVT high-value target
hvy heavy
IMETP International Military Education and Training Program
Inc. Incorporated
info information
intel intelligence
INTSUM intelligence summary
IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield
ISB intermediate staging base
ISS information system security
J2 Intelligence Directorate
J3 Operations Directorate
J4 Logistics Directorate
JMCC joint movement control cell
JPO Joint Petroleum Office
JSOP Joint Services Operations Plans
JTF joint task force
LAD latest arrival date
LAPES low-altitude parachute extraction zones
LC line of contact
LD line of departure
LE light equipment
LFSP landing-force support party
LO liaison officer
LOA limit of advance
LOC lines of communication
LOGCAP logistics civil augmentation program
LOGPAC logistics packages
LOGSTAT logistics status report
LOS line of sight
LOTS logistics over the shore
LRP logistics regulating point
LSA life-support area
LSA logistics support area
LSC life-support center
lt light
m meter
MACOM major Army command
MAGTF Marine Air-Ground Task Force
maint maintenance
MARFOR Marine Corps forces
MASF medical air support facility
MASH mobile army surgical hospital
MBA main battle area
MC&G mapping, charting, and geodesy
MCC movement control center
MCL minimum class load
MCOO modified combined obstacle overlay
MCT movement control team
MEB marine expeditionary brigade
med medical
MEF marine expeditionary force
METT-T mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time available
MEU marine expeditionary unit
MGB medium girder bridge
MI military intelligence
MICLIC mine-clearing line charge
MKT mobile kitchen trailer
mm millimeter
MOADS Maneuver-Oriented Ammunition Distribution System
MOB main operating base
MOG maximum on ground
MOPMS modular pack mine system
MOPP mission-oriented protective posture
MOS military occupational specialty
MOUT military operations on urbanized terrain
MP military police
MPF maritime pre-positioning force
mph miles per hour
MQS Military Qualification Standards
MRT movement regulating team
MSB main support battalion
MSC major subordinate command
MSR main supply route
MST maintenance support team
MTC movement to contact
mvmt movement
MWR morale, welfare, and recreation
MWRS morale, welfare, recreation, and services
NAI named area of interest
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAV navigation
NAVFOR Navy forces
NBC nuclear, biological, chemical
NBG naval beach group
NCA National Command Authority
NCB naval construction brigade
NCF naval construction force
NCFSU naval construction force support unit
NCO noncommissioned officer
NCR naval construction regiment
NCS net control station
NEO noncombatant evacuation operation
NICP national inventory control point
NKPA North Korean People's Army
NMC not mission capable
NMCB naval mobile construction battalion
no number
NSE Naval support element
O/I operations and intelligence
O/O on order
OBJ objective
OBSTINTEL obstacle intelligence
OCOKA observation and field of fire, cover and concealment, obstacles, key terrain, and avenues of approach
OIC officer in charge
OOTW operations other than war
OP observation post
OPCOM operational command
OPCON operational control
OPLAN operation plan
opns operations
OPORD operation order
ops operations
OPSEC operations security
ORA obstacle-restricted area
org organization
P package
PB panel bridge
PDO Property Disposal Office
PDS personnel daily summary
PEO peace-enforcement operation
PERREP personnel report
PERSCOM Personnel Command
petrl petroleum
PHIBCP amphibious construction battalion
PIR priority intelligence requirements
PKO peacekeeping operation
PL phase line
plt platoon
PM preventive maintenance
POC point of contact
POD port of debarkation
POE port of embarkation
POL petroleum, oils, and lubricants
POS position
PP passage point
prep preparation
Prime RIBS Prime Readiness in Base Support
Prime BEEF Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force
PS personnel services
PSYOP psychological operations
pt point
pts parts
qty quantity
R&S reconnaissance and surveillance
RAOC rear-area operations center
RB ribbon bridge
RCEM regional contingency engineering manager
recon reconnaissance
REDCON readiness condition
RED HORSE Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron, Engineer
rep repair
repl replacement
RISTA reconnaissance, intelligence, surveillance, and target acquisition
RMMC Regiment Materiel Management Center
ROE rules of engagement
ROK Republic of Korea
RP release point
RPMA real property maintenance activities
rqr required
RRP replacement regulating point
RRR rapid runway repair
RS&O reception, staging, and onward movement
RSR required supply rate
RTF regeneration task force
RTOC rear tactical operations center
/s/ signature
S&S supply and service
S1 Adjutant (US Army)
S2 Intelligence Officer (US Army)
S3 Operations and Training Officer (US Army)
S4 Supply Officer (US Army)
S5 Civil Affairs Officer (US Army)
SA staging area
sani sanitation
SATP Security Assistance Training Program
SB standby base
sec section
SEE small emplacement excavator
SES staff engineer section
SITREP situation report
SJA Staff Judge Advocate
SME subject-matter expert
SOF special operations forces
SOFA Status of Forces Agreement
SOI signal operating instructions
SOP standing operating procedure
SOSR suppression, obscuration, security, and reduction
SP start point
SPCE survey planning and coordination element
SPOTREP spot report
spt support
sptd supported
STANAG Standardization Agreement
STP Soldier Training Publication
STON short ton
sup supply
TA theater Army
TAA tactical assembly area
TAACOM Theater Army Area Command
TAC tactical
TACGEN tactical generator
TACON tactical control
TAFDS Tactical Airfield Fuel Distribution System
TAI target area of interest
TAMMC Theater Army Materiel Management Center
theater Army personnel operations center
TC training circular
TCF tactical combat force
TCMS Theater Construction Management System
TEC Topographic Engineering Center
THREATCON threat condition
TLP troop-leading procedure
TMT transportation medium truck
TO theater of operations
TOC tactical operations center
TPFDD time-phased force deployment data
TPTRL time-phased transportation requirements list
trans transportation
trk truck
TSA US Army Troop Support Agency
TTP terminal transfer point
U&S unified and specified
UAV unmanned airborne vehicle
UCT underwater construction team
UN United Nations
US United States
USACE (FWD) forward-deployed USACE command
USACE United States Army Corps of Engineers
USAES United States Army Engineer School
USAID United States Agency for International Development
USAR United States Army Reserves
USGS United States Geological Survey
UXO unexploded ordnance
VET veterinary
VTOL vertical takeoff and landing
w/ with
WARNORD warning order
WRSK war readiness spares kit
XO executive officer

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