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FM 4-20.102
MCRP 4-11.3J
TO 13C7-1-5

Field Manual
No. 4-20.102
Headquarters, Department of the Army
United States Marine Corps
Department of the Navy
Department of the Air Force
Washington, DC, 08 June 2006

FM 4-20.102

Airdrop Of Supplies And Equipment: Rigging Airdrop Platforms

DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.


The purpose of this manual is to provide the latest approved procedures for rigging airdrop Platforms. This manual is written for use by the parachute rigger. It consists of 10 chapters.

The procedures contained in this manual are typical and serve as the standard from which all platform rigging is derived. Due to the uniqueness of some equipment and items, the procedures in a specific rigging manual may be different from those in this manual. When procedures are different, those in the specific manual will be followed. When an item of equipment is specified to be used for which its minimum or maximum capacity is exceeded, a notice of exception will be printed at the beginning of each paragraph in each rigging manual where the exception is authorized. When an item of airdrop equipment is replaced or a procedure is changed, it will be impossible to change all manuals in the field at one time. Therefore, this manual will be changed, when necessary.

Chapters 1 through 10 contain specific limitations and general information about the rigging of airdrop platform loads for low-velocity airdrop from US aircraft and also shows and tells how to prepare, attach, and safety tie some of the components and systems used in the specific rigging manuals of the FM 4-20.100/TO 13C7 series.

Note: New information concerning the Extraction Parachute Jettison System (EPJS) has been added along with some new procedures for the extraction force transfer coupling (EFTC). The C-141 and C-5 aircraft have been taken out and the C-17 aircraft information has been added. Also, a new user friendly format has been introduced combining general information and rigging information in each chapter.

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