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FM 3-100.38
MCRP 3-17.2B
NTTP 3-02.41
AFTTP(I) 3-2.12

FM 3-100.38 US Army Training and Doctrine Command
Fort Monroe, VA
MCRP 3-17.2B Marine Corps Combat Development Command
Quantico, VA
NTTP 3-02.41 Navy Warfare Development Command
Newport, RI
AFTTP(I) 3-2.12 Headquarters Air Force Doctrine Center
Maxwell Air Force Base, AL
23 August 2001

FM 3-100.38/MCRP 3-17.2B/NTTP 3-02.41/AFTTP(I) 3-2.12


Multiservice Procedures for Unexploded Explosive Ordnance Operations in a Joint Environment

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