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Abbreviations and Acronyms

A analog

AAA assign alternate area routing list

AAR assign, accommodate and restore bypass list

AC aternate current

ACI assign call inhibit list

ACN assign and display commercial network routing

ACP assign common pool compressed dial list

ACR assign channel reassignment

ACXN analog call extension

ADA assign directive acknowledgement

adapt adapter

ADB assign data base transfer

ADE assign digit editing list

adj adjutant

admin administration

ADP automatic data processor

ADT assign digital transmission group

AEI assign equipment in/out-of-service

AEU assign and display EUB configuration

AFD assign fixed directory routing

AFFOR Air Force forces

AFR assign frequency for network reporting

AFWG Air Force wing group

AG Adjutant General

AGNATO Army group NATO

AIC assign individual compressed dial list

ALCG analog line conditioner group

altn alternate

AM amplitude modulated

ammo ammunition

ANN assign NNX routing

ANR assign net rekeying

ANX assign NNXX routing

ANY assign NYX routing

AOD assign on-line diagnostics

AOI assign other equipment in/out-of-service

AOR assign and display operator routing

APC assign preprogrammed conference list

APR assign NN routing

ARB assign received bypass list

ARFOR Army forces

arty artillery

ASC assign switch classmarks

ASCP auxiliary special circuits patch panel

ASI assign switch initialization

ASL assign XX routing

ASSP analog scanner signal processor

asst assistant

AST assign secondary traffic channels

ATB all trunks busy

ATG assign trunk group cluster

ATH assign variable thresholds

ATM assign traffic metering

ATS assign terminal service

ATT assign terminal type

auto automatic

AUTOSEVOCOM automatic secure voice communications

AUTOVON automatic voice network

AV AUTOVON telephone

AVL assign variable key location

avn avionics

AVOW analog voice orderwire

AXX assign XXX routing

AZR assign zone restriction

BITE built-in test equipment

BNRID basic net radio interface device

BS bit select

btry battery

CAP control and alarm panel

CAP/CTL control and alarm panel/control transfer logic

CB common battery

CBS common battery signaling

CBU conference bridge unit

CCS common channel signaling

ccs hundred call seconds

CCS 1 common channel signaling 1 (input)

CCS 2 common channel signaling 2 (output)

CCSD common channel signaling data

CDN compressed dial number

CDO conditioned diphase group

CE communications-electronics

CEDF common equipment distribution frame

CEF common equipment facility

CEG common equipment group

CEMS Communications-Electronics Management System

CEOI Communications-Electronics Operation Instructions

CESE communications equipment support element

CEWI combat electronics warfare intelligence

CG commanding general

chan channel

char characteristics

ci counterintelligence

CIR common interface rekey

clas/class classification

cmd command

CNCE communications nodal control element

CNCS cryptonet control station

co company

CofS Chief of Staff

Comdt Commandant

comm communication

comp compressed

compat compatibility

COMSEC communications security

COMXC COMSEC transmit controller

con control

CONAUTH controlling authority

conf conference

conn connector

coord coordinator

COSCOM corps support command

CP command post

CPG central processor group

CPU central processor unit

CSAP call service attendant position

CSCE communications system control element

CSM Command Sergeant Major

CSP call service position

CSPE communications system planning element

CSPMD call service position modem

CSPS circuit switch power subsystem

CTL control transfer logic

CTL 6 control unit 6

CVSD continuously variable slope delta

D digital

DA Department of the Army

DAA display alternate area routing lists

DAMP digit analysis

DAS direct access service

DC direct current

DCG deputy commanding general

DCR display channel reassignment

DCS Defense Communications System

DCXN digital call processing

DEMUX demultiplex/demultiplexer

dest destination

DGM digital group multiplex

DIB digital in-band signaling

DIB 1 digital in-band signaling (input)

DIB 2 digital in-band signaling (output)

DIBTS digital in-band trunk signaling

DIGPM diphase group modem

DILPA diphase loop modem A

DIM digital group or supergroup modem

DINBS digital in-band signaling system

dir directory

DISCOM division support command

DISGM diphase supergroup modem

DLS display XX routing

DME display major equipment status

DNN display NNX routing

DNVT digital nonsecure voice terminal

DNX display NNXX routing

DNY display NYX routing

DP dial pulsing

DPL dipulse group

DPLSM dipulse group modem

DPR display PR routing

DR digital receiver

DSB digital in-band signaling buffer

DSCNB digital scanner B

DSG digital signal generator

DSVT digital subscriber voice terminal

DTG digital transmission group

DTGP digital trunk group

DTMF dual tone multifrequency

DVM digital, voice, message

DVOW digital voice orderwire

E eliminate

ECOM interprocessor communication

ECU environmental control unit

elec electronic

EM E&M adapter

E&M signaling leads in 6-wire circuit (ear-receive; mouth transmit)

emerg emergency

EMP electromagnetic pulse

ENCOM engineer command

ENGBDE engineer brigade

engr engineer

ENH input/output interrupts

ENH 1 input/output program 1

ENH 2 input/output program 2

ENH 3 input/output program 3

EO equal opportunity

EOW engineering orderwire

equip equipment

ESCH executive scheduler

ESTR startup/recovery

EU essential user

EUB essential user bypass

evac evacuation

EW electronic warfare

F Flash

fax facsimile

FDSL fixed directory subscriber list

FDUL fixed directory unit list

1SG first sergeant

FO Flash Override

frag fragmentary

GCLK group clock

GCS group clock selector

GM group modem

GOS grade of service

GRPBF group buffer

HDX half duplex

hel helicopter

HF high frequency

HN home net

HQ headquarters

HR human relations

HSCDM high speed cable driver modem

HSPR high speed pulse restorer

HUS hardened unique storage

Hz hertz

I Immediate

IAC international access code

ID identification

IG inspector general

IMU intermatrix unit

info information

INID intercept network inward dialing

I/O input/output

intell intelligence

intercomm intercommunication

JANAP Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Publications

JTF joint task force

KB keyboard

kbs kilobits per second

kHz kilohertz

KP key pulse

KVM key variable management

kw kilowatts

LA location address

LB local battery

LCSP local call service position

LDI line driver interface

LGM loop group multiplexer

LKG loop key generator

LO liaison officer

loc location

LPCLK loop clock selector

LSCDM low speed cable driver modem

LSPR low speed pulse restorer

LTG local timing generator

LTU line termination unit

M main

maint maintenance

MAMA operator/machine program

MASH mobile army surgical hospital

mbs megabits per second

MCA Management Control Agency

MEDCOM medical command

MEDDEP medical depot

MF multifrequency

MGM master group multiplexer

MHz megahertz

MI military intelligence

MIBDE military intelligence brigade

mod modem

MOD 21 type II-1 modem

MOD 22 type II-2 modem

MP master panel

MPBDE military police brigade

MPDU master power distribution unit

MS message switch

msg message

MTC magnetic tape controller

MTG master timing generator

MTT magnetic tape transport

MTX-G matrix interface G

MUX multiplex/multiplexer

MXC matrix controller

MXRCA matrix receiver controller A

NA not authorized

NAC national access code

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NBC nuclear, biological, chemical

NCMD nine channel multiplex/demultiplex or multiplexer/demultiplexer

net network

NI national identification

NICS NATO Integrated Communications Systems

NIU NATO interface unit

no number

NRZ nonreturn to zero

NSN national stock number

NW normal wideband

NWLTU normal wideband line termination unit

ob observers

OCU orderwire control unit

off officer

OLCOP on-line control and operational program

ONLFD on-line fault detection

op operation

ord ordnance

P Priority

PABX private automatic branch exchange

PBI push-button indicator

PBX private branch exchange

PCB printed circuit board

PCBS printed circuit board strap

PEP power entry panel

pers personnel

PERSCOM personnel command

PIP peripheral interface panel

plt platoon

PNID precedence network inward dialing

POC point of contact

PPI processor to processor interface

PR primary zone

prec precedence

preprog preprogrammed

pri primary

prog progressive

PRSL primary switch location

ps processor

PTC primary traffic channel

PUNT erase memory

QM quartermaster

qtr quarter

R Routine

RA regional area

RCSP remote call service position

RD ringdown

rec receive

recon reconnaissance

restr restrictive

rev revision

RH reentry home

RLGM remote loop group multiplexer

RLGMCD remote loop group multiplexer cable driver

RMAX routing matrix management program

RMC remote multiplexer combiner

RMU receiver matrix unit

rptr repeater

RSBMD remote signaling buffer controller multiplexer/demultiplexer

RWI radio wire integration

SCAN scanning

SCG switching controller group

SCS silicon-controlled switch

scty security

SDMX space division matrix

SDNRIU secure digital net radio interface unit

SDSG space division switching group

sec section

SECP on-line maintenance and diagnostics

SEP signal entry panel

SF single frequency

sig signaling

SJA Staff Judge Advocate

SL switch location

SMD switch multiplexer/demultiplexer

SN serial number

SOP standing operating procedure

SPCG special circuits group

SRWBR short-range wideband radio

SSB SYSCON signaling buffer

SST single subscriber terminal

STANAG standardization agreement

STC secondary traffic channel

supvn supervision

survl surveillance

sw switch

SWMCT switch memory control

sync synchronization

TAA theater Army alternate

TAACOM theater Army area command

TAADCOM theater Army air defense command

TACC tactical air control center

TAMCA Theater Army Movement Control Agency

TAMMC theater Army materiel management center

TASG theater Army support group

TB technical bulletin

TC traffic channel

TCC tactical communications center

TCC(A) theater communications command (Army)

TCCF tactical communications control facility

TDMM time division memory module

TDMX time division matrix

TDSG time division switching group

TDSGM time division switching group modified

TED trunk encryption device

tel telephone

telecom telecommunications

TEM trunk encryption module

term terminal

TGC trunk group cluster

TGMX trunk group multiplexer

TM technical manual

tng training

TOC tactical operations center

TOE table(s) of organization and equipment

trans transportation

TRANSCOM transportation command

trfc traffic

TRI-TAC Tri-Service Tactical Communications

TSB trunk signaling buffer

TSBFB trunk signaling buffer B

TTNP tactical telephone numbering plan

TTY teletypewriter

ULCS unit level circuit switch

ULMS unit level message switch

V volt

VDU visual display unit

VDU/KB visual display unit/keyboard

W wire

weco Western Electric Company

xmit transmit

xmsn transmission

XO executive officer


Indication of off-hook by presence or absence of tones.

That hour in a 24-hour period during which the traffic load offered to a switch is at a maximum.

Capability to forward a call via an operator.

Capability of having calls transferred automatically.

Printed circuit card usually capable of being unplugged.

Printed circuit boards or printed circuit cards.

Termination identifier for use, service features, security, classification, restrictions, signaling, and supervision.

Battery which serves as central source of energy for many circuits.

Ability to dial a 2-digit number to reach another subscriber.

Indication of off-hook by presence or absence of DC voltage.

Capability to call a predesignated subscriber by going off-hook.

Designation of signaling leads at a switch. E for recEiving (Ear). M for transMitting (Mouth).

Unit of telephone traffic numerically equal to percentage of occupancy of a trunk.

Interconnects an AN/TTC-39 to a non-AN/TTC-39 switch.

The basic channel rate at which the switch operates. Either 16 or 32 kbs.

The condition that exists when two switches simultaneously attempt to use the same trunk to access each other.

Probability of a call being blocked.

Elapsed time of a telephone call.

Consists of the electrical and mechanical connections, and the procedures necessary to make these connections functional.

Interconnects two AN/TTC-39s or AN/TTC-39 and AN/TYC-39.

A sequence of random binary digits used to set up and/or periodically change the existing electronic key settings in COMSEC equipment.

Transmission circuit.

Provides logic level conversion from TTL to bipolar voltages.

Source of talking power located at subscriber's telephone.

A circuit from a switch to the subscriber.

Ability to connect transmit and receive portions at a termination.

Single unit which combines the function of modulation and demodulation.

Having dimensions or characteristics which allow expansion or contraction in whole units.

All-digital communication system of the future.

Automatic establishment of a connection between specified subscribers by lifting handset.

Routing method where originating office retains control of directing a call.

Circuit card usually designed to be easily replaceable with boards with different functions. They are called PCB.

Element of software design. Events are queued as they occur and then processed.

A message to the operator showing data base discrepancies and possible results. It also shows when an action cannot be taken.

(1) Changes made to a circuit switching network. (2) Changes made to a switch (number of matrices, cards, modules and other equipment.)

Method of signaling where one incoming signal is activated by alternating (ringing) current over the circuit.

Transfer routing control on a call to a succeeding switch by sending forward the complete telephone address.

Central facilities used for testing, patching, troubleshooting, circuit conducting, status reporting, and technical management.

The connection of a line to a terminal, a switch, a distribution frame or a matrix.

Single or multichannel communication patch between switches or switching centers.

Trunks which have identical characteristics -destination, signaling, and traffic route.

Set of trunks with different transmission characteristics (including analog and digital types) with the same destination.

The checking of a data entry to determine its acceptability, size, and range.

A timed off-hook signal indicating readiness to receive pulses.

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