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FM 10-27-4

Field Manual
No. 10-27-4
Department of the Army
Washington, DC, 14 April 2000

FM 10-27-4

Organizational Supply And Services For Unit Leaders

DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.


This manual is an overview of organizational supply and field service operations for all Army units, not just Quartermaster units. It is written for supply operations personnel, S4 officers, and commanders at battalion level and below. Unless specifically stated otherwise, this manual primarily addresses Army of Excellence organizations, rather than Force XXI type units. The manual is based on doctrine in FMs 8-10, 10-1, 100-5, and 100-10. FM 100-5 is the Army's keystone doctrinal manual. It outlines how the Army will conduct operations. FM 100-10 is the Army's keystone CSS doctrinal manual. It provides an overview of the CSS system for supporting the Army in the field. FM 10-1 is the QM principles manual. It explains the role of QM units and soldiers in the field. FM 8-10 is the keystone manual for the Army Medical Department. It explains the purpose of health service support in a theater of operations. This FM is a guide, not a directive. Refer to the publications identified in references for specifics on operations.

Planning. Supervisors must carry out the unit mission with the equipment and personnel available. They must be aware of the kinds of problems they will face. This manual details unit supply procedures and describes methods to organize unit resources. The Appendix is designed to assist unit leaders and supply operations personnel in planning supply operations.

Operations. This manual summarizes existing doctrine. It gives suggestions and standards based on field experience. It relates tactics, techniques, procedures, and policies that apply to company, detachment, and battalion supply operations.

Organization and Coverage:

There are six chapters in this manual. Chapter 1 provides an overview of battlefield logistics. Chapter 2 covers supply procedures for the different classes of supply and laundry. Chapter 3 covers different methods of supply. Chapter 4 covers water and field services. Chapter 5 covers supply in different types of tactical operations and environments. Chapter 6 covers property accountability and responsibility for unit commanders.

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