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Federal Aviation Administration Order

FAA Order 8240.46A. The Division of Responsibility Between the Department of Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration for Flight Inspections. 11 August 1986.

This publication is available from the Director, US Army Aeronautical Services Agency, ATTN: MOAS-AI, Cameron Station, Alexandria, VA 22304-5050.


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Field Manuals

FM 100-5. Operations. 14 June 1993.

FM 100-103. Army Airspace Command and Control in a Combat Zone. 7 October 1987.

FM 101-5. Staff Organization and Operations. 25 May 1984.

FM 101-5-1. Operational Terms and Symbols. 21 October 1985.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Publications

JCS Pub 1-02. Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. 23 March 1994.

JCS Pub 3-52. Doctrine for Joint Airspace Control in a Combat Zone. 3 December 1993.

Multiservice Publications

FM 100-103-1/FMFRP 5-61/ NDC TACNOTE 3-52.1/ACCP 50-38/ USAFEP 50-38/PACAFP 50-38, Multiservice Procedures for Integrated Combat Airspace Command and Control. 3 October 1994.

FM 100-103-2/FMFRP 5-62/ ACCP 50-54/PACAFP 50-54/ USAFEP 50-54/NDC TACNOTE 3-56.2. The Theater Air-Ground System. 1 April 1994.

Technical Manuals

TM 95-225. United States Standard: Flight Inspection. 1 May 1963.

TM 95-226. United States Standard for Terminal Instrument Procedures (TERPS). 1 July 1976.


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Field Manual

FM 100-20. Military Operations in Low Intensity Conflict. 5 December 1990.

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