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Iran Press TV

India, China discuss long-standing border dispute

Iran Press TV

Tue Feb 11, 2014 4:59PM GMT

The 17th round of India-China negotiations, known as the Special Representatives Talks, has been held in the Indian capital New Delhi.

The two-day talks were focused on resolving a long-running border dispute between the two nations.

A statement released by India's External Affairs Ministry on Tuesday said the two favored a regular dialogue between the two neighbors on all bilateral issues.

Representatives of both countries also agreed to increase cooperation on counterterrorism, disarmament and international security and maritime affairs.

Relations between Beijing and New Delhi are overshadowed by a dispute over their border during the past decades. India and China fought a brief but bloody war over border dispute in 1962 with a decisive victory for the Chinese.

Several rounds of talks have failed to resolve the issue. This is while both neighbors had a three-week standoff at their frontier last year.

Meanwhile, Indian media reported a secret military exercise, called 'Divine Matrix', by the Indian troops in 2009, visualizing a war scenario with China.

An Indian military's assessment has also outlined that Beijing would rely on information warfare (IW) to bring New Delhi down on its knees.

China is concerned about growing ties between Washington and New Delhi. At the meantime a controversial deal allowing India access to civilian nuclear technology has not been well-received among Chinese officials.

New Delhi, meanwhile, is suspicious of Chinese relations with India's long-time rival Pakistan.


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