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NATO to give Georgia access to radar data - representative

RIA Novosti

23/08/2007 18:34 BRUSSELS, August 23 (RIA Novosti) - NATO is prepared to provide a number of its partners, including Georgia, access to its radar air data exchange system, a deputy NATO spokesman said Thursday.

Carmen Romero said non-classified data would be made available to Georgia, adding that the alliance has concluded agreements on integrating its system with those of a number of partners, including Georgia, Albania, Austria, Macedonia, Finland and Ukraine in 2003.

Romero said the ambassadors of member countries spoke in favor of concluding the agreement with Georgia Wednesday, but added the move was not related to recent border incidents involving purported Russian breaches of Georgian airspace.

Georgia's Foreign Ministry delivered a note of protest to the Russian Foreign Ministry Wednesday claiming Georgian airspace had been violated from Russia the day before. Russia has denied the claim.

Georgia has also accused the Russian Air Force of violating its airspace and dropping a missile on a village August 6, a claim Russia has also denied.

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