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Security Council condemns increased violations of Somalia arms embargo

14 October 2005 Condemning the significant increase in the violations of the arms embargo against Somalia as a threat to international peace and security, the United Nations Security Council today requested Secretary-General Kofi Annan to re-establish the group monitoring the problem and give it a six-month mandate to continue its investigations.

In a unanimously approved resolution, the Council also requested the Committee on Somalia, established in 1992, to consult with Mr. Annan on re-activating the Monitoring Group, recommend ways of improving compliance with the embargo and make financial arrangements to support the Group's work.

In its most recent report to the Council, the Group said there had been a sustained and dramatic increase in arms embargo violations over the past six months, showing the highly aggravated political tensions between the Transitional Federal Government and the opposition and severely elevating the threat of widespread violence in central and southern Somalia.

The resolution mandates the Group to continue refining and updating information on the draft list of individuals and groups that violate the embargo in order to facilitate possible measures by the Council, and to collect information on how funds are raised in the local financial, maritime and other sectors for weapons purchases and how transportation is arranged through seaports, airports and other facilities.

The Group was asked to provide to the Council, through the Committee, a mid-term briefing within 90 days of its establishment.


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